NFT games will occupy 90% of the market in five years From Reddit co founder

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Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of reddit, a famous foreign forum, is the latest industry figure who is excited about the concept of “play to earn”.

The continuously successful entrepreneur now focuses on blockchain and encryption related projects. He is optimistic about the prospect of making money from the game and predicts that it will dominate the game world in just a few years.

According to business insider, Ohanian discussed the potential use of blockchain technology in games in the recent where it happens podcast.

“90% of people can’t play games unless they get proper attention,” Ohanian said in a podcast: “In five years, you will really cherish your time, instead of being cut leeks because of advertising or being cheated to buy stupid hammers you don’t actually own. You will play some equivalent games on the chain, which will be equally interesting, and you will actually get income, and you will become a harvester.”

“Play to earn” games usually use encrypted tokens instead of conventional in-game currencies, which means that players can theoretically exchange their in-game income for real-world currencies. At present, the most popular game in this category is axie infinity, which is similar to Baoke dream. You can buy and sell nominally axies pets with ronin cryptocurrency.

According to a report by business insider, axie’s in-game economy has encountered problems. The report claims that players’ return from the game gradually decreases over time because players cash in their income rather than reinvest it into the game. The minimum purchase fee of the game is also about $300, which is a high threshold for many players. The income of low-level players is usually much lower than the minimum wage.

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