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Rare disease Industry Report – industry value From BCG

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More and more attention has been paid to the patients with rare diseases and their clinical needs in China. However, the development of rare diseases as an industry is facing many questions and challenges“ The group of patients with rare diseases is too small, the diagnosis and treatment ability of rare diseases is too weak, and the payment guarantee of orphan drugs is too low “- is this a reality or a myth? With the largest rare disease group in the world, can China’s rare disease industry make breakthroughs in product innovation and business model? To this end, Boston Consulting Company (BCG) has set up a research group on China’s rare disease industry. Combined with our project experience, industry interviews and original research, we deeply explore the development status of China’s rare disease industry, and compare it with major global markets to predict the future development trend and path of China’s rare disease industry.

Here, we select the main ideas and data of the subject, and present them to readers in a series. This paper is the beginning of the series, analyzing the industrial value of rare diseases and orphan drugs from a macro perspective; In the second phase, we will focus on analyzing the three major myths and challenges facing the current development of the rare disease industry; The third phase will focus on the future development trend of rare disease industry and the path choice of enterprise development. We hope that through the contents of the three phases, medical practitioners and investors will have a new and comprehensive understanding of China’s rare disease industry. We also hope to promote the development of rare disease industry and bring the most realistic welfare to patients with rare diseases!

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