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2020 will be over in 10 days, which is really a difficult year for the film industry. According to the film blue book: global film industry development report (2020) released by Beijing Film Academy, the global film box office this year is only 20% of that of last year. “Film blue book: global film industry development report (2020)” analyzes the situation of the film market this year, and points out that the new crown epidemic has greatly affected the global film industry, and the box office of the whole year is expected to be only about 1 / 5 of that of last year.

Such a huge decline needs years of efforts in the film market to recover, mainly due to the repeated outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

According to their report, the global box office will gradually recover at a compound annual growth rate of about 30% from 2020 to 2025, and is expected to return to the market size of 2019 in five years.

It is worth mentioning that, as of 0:00 on October 15, Beijing time, the cumulative box office of Chinese mainland films in 2020 will reach 12.95 billion yuan (about 1.93 billion US dollars), officially surpassing the performance of the same period in North America. For the first time in history, the mainland of China has become the world’s largest ticket warehouse.

Although this achievement looks good, the insiders believe that “China’s becoming the number one box office in the world is realized under a special background, which can be used as a reference, but we can’t overestimate it, let alone blindly optimistic.”

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