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The annual box office is 20.4 billion, and Chinese films will rise to the top in 2020!

Summer files present retaliatory viewing, National Day files appear “homecoming tide”, new year files successfully unlock the annual 20 billion! The 178 days of temporary absence has made all mainstream themes scarce. More young people return to the cinema, more people return to the cinema together, and meeting on the big screen is still an important way of social entertainment!

The familiar face, new power and wonderful every second of the big screen in 2020 make people feel the charm of light and shadow that they haven’t seen for a long time.

Cat’s eye entertainment “2020 film market data insight”, records the special year 2020 with data

More reading: cat’s Eye Research Institute: Data insight of China’s film market in 2018 cat’s Eye Research Institute: box office of October 2019 exceeds 8 billion cat’s Eye Research Institute: box office data of December 2, 2019 daily cat’s eye: development of China’s film market in February 2016: Data grasp of film market demand China may become the largest film market Box office: 831 million yuan art grace Consulting: the first half of 2015 film market data inventory · box office art grace Consulting: the first half of 2015 China film market data inventory · cinema cat’s Eye Research Institute: the impact of the epidemic on the willingness to watch (1) PwC: China’s film market is expected to reach 12.28 billion yuan in 2020, becoming the world’s largest film box office market| According to the big data report of domestic horror films in 2015, 60% of the total consumption is women. Yien Consulting: the final box office of China’s film market in 2013 was 21.769 billion yuan. Yien Consulting: the second inventory of China’s film market in Q4 of 2013. Yien Consulting: the total box office of China’s film market in the 38th week of 2013 was about 340 million yuan

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