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Recently, according to IGN, the foreign media reported that after the release of “magic woman 1984”, its performance was not as successful as expected. In China, only 18.8 million U.S. dollars were opened, and the total overseas box office was 38.5 million dollars. “Magic woman 1984” failed to take the first place at the box office at the weekend of its premiere in China, and its box office did not surpass the movie “emergency rescue” ($35 million).

In contrast, the magic woman, released in 2017, achieved $38 million in Chinese painting, with a final box office of $90.5 million. At this rate, it may be difficult for magic woman 1984 to recover its $200 million budget. According to box office analysts’ forecasts, “magic woman 1984” will eventually earn 40 million US dollars in China.

The result is disappointing because Chinese audiences are very fond of superhero films, and China is expected to be the biggest cinema market for the film.

“Magic woman 1984” won $3.6 million in Taiwan, 2 million in Thailand, 1.7 million in Brazil and 1.6 million in Mexico and Japan.

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