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An in-depth comparison of eight dimensions of new forces’ car building Tesla & Li weipeng From Soochow Securities

The following is the An in-depth comparison of eight dimensions of new forces’ car building Tesla & Li weipeng From Soochow Securities recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Brokerage Report, New energy vehicle industry.

Founder and senior management team dimension: the founder’s own style has a great impact on the company’s overall business strategy, product layout and future development direction. Li Xiang’s style is relatively stable, attaches importance to the organizational structure, and the long-term planning is relatively clear; Li Bin attaches importance to user experience and has more flexible and open ideas; He Xiaopeng attaches importance to technology research and development and drives product evolution with software intelligence; Musk is full of personality and persistent style, which is subversive. The top management teams are all from a compound genetic background.

Dimension of financing process: Tesla, Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideal financing scale are decreasing. The domestic market cooperates with the governments of Shanghai, Hefei, Guangzhou and Beijing respectively.

Brand concept / corporate culture dimension: ideal automobile attaches importance to team management and organization construction, and products are benchmarked to families; Weilai automobile attaches importance to realizing the humanistic feelings respected by users and grows together with users; Xiaopeng automobile attaches importance to simple technical style and entrepreneur feelings, and embraces change and innovation; Tesla advocates the ultimate subversive experience of breaking boundaries, and the first principle guides the development of the company.

User operation dimension: Tesla pioneered the direct marketing model, which is more closely disintermediated with consumers; The ideal is also to focus on direct sales and better connect with consumers. Weilai automobile adopts the combination of offline and online to meet the requirements of users in the whole cycle and inject the brand into life; Xiaopeng also uses direct channels and online points system to create ecology.

Channel delivery dimension: it is ideal to take the lead in jumping out of the purchase restriction circle and realize channel sinking. Weilai, Xiaopeng and Tesla focus on developed cities and enter the global market at the same time.

Technical layout dimension: Tesla and Xiaopeng automobile’s three electricity system layout core cells, battery packs, motors and other parts, and intelligent software algorithms are all self-developed; Weilai and ideal software algorithms are gradually self-developed, and the degree of integration of three power systems is low.

Production dimension: Tesla, ideal pure self built factory, Xiaopeng gradually transited from Haima OEM to self built, and Weilai has adhered to the OEM mode for a long time.

Product planning dimension: the ideal product has the clearest idea, positioning 150000-500000 yuan household users and segmenting the scene demand market; Xiaopeng automobile focuses on the mainstream intelligent electric market of 150000-300000 yuan to better understand China’s intellectualization; Weilai drives products forward with user operation, positioning the high-end luxury car market, benchmarking BBA, and realizing full coverage of all categories; Tesla penetrates into the full price segment with the label of intelligent subversive, and gradually popularizes and realizes sustainable energy planning.

Financial dimension: since 2018q3, Tesla has the largest revenue volume and the best performance in terms of gross profit and net profit. Among the new forces, Weilai has the largest scale, but its early investment is too high, its expenses are high, and its gross profit and net profit are still negative; Ideal automobile took the lead in realizing net profit normalization, and the gross profit margin remained stable.

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