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From architecture to landing From Yuan universe

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1. Detailed analysis and development significance of the concept of meta universe: concept: meta universe is a virtual world that is parallel to the real world, interacts with each other and is always online. In the virtual world with perfect infrastructure, people can realize personal and social needs such as identity, currency transaction, community belonging, career development and so on in an all-round way like the real physical world. Development significance: the meta universe brings new ways of resource allocation; The combination of reality and virtual gives birth to a new commercial format; The virtual world gives birth to a new way of life.

2. Layout of domestic and foreign head manufacturers: Facebook (meta), roblox, apple, Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, Tencent, byte beat and other domestic and foreign head manufacturers have increased their layout of metauniverse according to their respective advantages and understanding of metauniverse. The main layout directions are divided into hardware technologies such as GPU, underlying platform systems, cloud computing, AI, games and so on VR / AR equipment and software, etc.

3. Meta universe industrial chain analysis: the meta universe industrial chain is divided into seven levels: infrastructure layer, human-computer interaction layer, decentralization layer, spatial computing layer, creator economy layer, discovery layer and experience layer. The meta universe industrial chain is divided into two parts: the meta universe is composed of four parts: hardware, software, service, application and content.

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