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Industrial software is the basis of supporting the production and operation of industrial enterprises. It is widely used in all aspects of industrial production, accompanied by the whole life cycle of products from R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. At present, the development of China’s industrial software still lags far behind the world’s first-class level, showing the current situation of “strong management software, weak engineering software; more low-end software, less high-end software”. In this report, we start from various industrial software tracks, deconstruct the industry background, analyze the gap between China and foreign countries, look forward to the development trend, and reveal investment opportunities. We believe that Chinese local manufacturers can catch up and develop usable and easy-to-use domestic industrial software. With the advent of industry 4.0, we will support China’s industry to enter the era of intelligent manufacturing with “China’s soft power”.


Industrial software “four questions and four answers”

What is the scope of industrial software? The application scope of industrial software covers the whole life cycle of products in the manufacturing industry and all aspects of enterprise production and operation. It can be specifically divided into R & D design class, information management class, production control class and embedded company software.

What is the market size of industrial software? With a global market of nearly 400 billion US dollars and a domestic market of nearly 200 billion yuan, the scale of China’s industrial software market does not match the economic volume, and the industry development is in the ascendant.

How big is the gap between Chinese and foreign industrial software? There is a big gap in technology, product and operation between Chinese and foreign manufacturers, in which R & D side > industrial control side > management side. But we believe that the gap between Chinese and foreign industrial software is not insurmountable.

What are the investment opportunities for industrial software? We believe that Chinese industrial software manufacturers will rise rapidly under the “three waves superposition” of intelligent manufacturing, domestic substitution and software cloud in the future, and the great development of domestic industrial software will create many investment opportunities in the capital market.

The development of industrial software for design is a potential track with high technical threshold. CAD / CAE / CAM is the main tool for enterprises to carry out digital R & D and innovation, which is inherited in the process of product design. Modeling design represented by CAD and simulation analysis represented by CAE are two major technical directions. The market space behind them is more than 10 billion US dollars, and the integration of CAD / CAE / CAM is also the general direction of product evolution. PLM / PDM is the management software of product R & D end, which is responsible for the management and integration of product related design data, and realizes bidirectional docking of CAD and ERP. EDA is the evolution form of CAD / CAE in the field of electronic design. The industry is monopolized by three oligarchs, and faces certain supply chain risks due to the large gap between China and foreign countries. At present, the domestic R & D and design software market is relatively small, but in the future, with the further improvement of relevant laws and regulations on intellectual property rights and the promotion of enterprise’s legal awareness, we believe that the market scale of R & D Software in China will expand rapidly and will be the fastest growing track in the field of industrial software.

The industrial software of information management is the main benefit track under the tide of enterprise digitization. ERP is the core and base of enterprise digitalization, which is responsible for the management of internal financial flow, logistics, people flow and information flow. From the initial MRP development, ERP functions continue to improve, and the future development direction is platform + application-oriented products.

The replacement of ERP in China is a historic opportunity for domestic manufacturers. Tens of billions of yuan of market space may be released in the next few years. CRM helps enterprises acquire and operate customers, but the market environment between China and foreign countries is quite different, and the blue ocean market of domestic CRM still has certain variables. The vertical software such as HCM and OA is also the “small and beautiful” track in the field of management software. In recent years, it has become a big trend for enterprise management software to go to the cloud. We believe that cloud transformation can achieve win-win between manufacturers and enterprise customers in business, and it is also an irreversible evolution direction in technology. Domestic manufacturers are also expected to shorten the gap with foreign leading enterprises in this round of cloud transformation.

Industrial software for production control is the first track to help intelligent manufacturing. MES is the management software of production execution side, which fills the information gap between the planning layer and the control layer, and plays a connecting role in the overall framework of intelligent manufacturing. MES is a track focusing on the implementation of services. China’s market penetration rate is low, concentration is low, and the market space is large. DCS / SCADA / PLC are monitoring and control tools for industrial automation, mainly based on the project-based construction mode of overall solutions. In the past few years, China has vigorously promoted the construction of industrial automation. In 2019, DCS / SCADA / PLC has developed into a mature market of about 10 billion yuan, and has entered a stable development stage.

Implementation service provider is an important participant in the industrial software track. All kinds of industrial software more or less need supporting implementation services, and we think that service is not simply “dirty work”, it is also a part of the competitiveness of manufacturers, which can enhance customer stickiness and create premium through service. In the past few years, with the wide application of foreign industrial software in China, the local service providers responsible for agency and implementation work have grown rapidly. We believe that such enterprises are also accumulating in the process of implementation, and are expected to grow into service + product companies in the future. At the same time, with the further growth of domestic manufacturers’ strength, there will be the possibility of cooperation between them and domestic service providers, and the two “forces” of domestic industrial software may converge.

Industrial Internet is a new industrial ecology, which is related to industrial software. Through the open and global industrial network platform, the industrial Internet forms cross equipment, cross system, cross factory and cross regional interconnection, and realizes the comprehensive connection of all factors, whole industry chain and full value chain. It is constantly subverting the traditional manufacturing mode, production organization mode and industrial form all over the world, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerating the development of emerging industries Expand. Industrial Internet platform is the core of industrial Internet, which is closely related to industrial software. Industrial software is an important part of the industrial Internet platform, and the industrial Internet also provides new possibilities for the application and development of industrial software. However, in essence, industrial software is not a subset of the industrial Internet. At present, the two systems are still relatively independent.

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