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2020 railway statistical bulletin From State Railway Administration

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According to the statistical bulletin, China’s railway passenger transport will gradually recover and freight transport will maintain growth in 2020; The safety of railway transportation remains stable; The scale of railway network is expanding; New achievements have been made in Railway Science and technology innovation; The achievements of railway green development are obvious; A total of 106 national standards, industrial standards and industrial measurement regulations and specifications have been issued in the railway industry.

First, railway passenger transport recovered steadily and freight transport kept growing. In 2020, China’s railway passenger volume will reach 2.203 billion, a decrease of 39.8%, of which the decrease in the fourth quarter has narrowed to 18.6%. China’s total railway freight transport volume reached 4.552 billion tons, an increase of 3.2%.

Second, the safety of railway transportation remained stable. In 2020, there will be no major railway traffic accidents in China.

Third, the scale of railway network is constantly expanding. In 2020, China’s railway fixed assets investment will reach 781.9 billion yuan. The operating mileage of Railways in China has reached 146300 km, including 38000 km of high-speed railways.

Fourth, new achievements have been made in Railway Science and technology innovation. The railway industry won one medal, one medal and two certificates for the second national innovation competition in 2020. A total of 30 patents in the railway industry have won the 21st China Patent Award in 2020. Two railway industry standards won the China standard innovation contribution award. 304 railway major scientific and technological innovation achievements will be put into the database in 2020.

Fifth, the green development of railway has achieved remarkable results. In 2020, the national railway energy consumption converted standard coal will decrease by 5.3% over the previous year; The emission of chemical oxygen demand decreased by 5.6% over the previous year; Sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 38.1% over the previous year, playing an important role in continuously promoting pollution control and winning the battle to defend the blue sky.

Sixth, relevant standards of the railway industry have been released one after another. The 2020 annual report is approved by the National Standards Committee and issued 17 national railway standards. The State Railway Administration has formulated and issued 69 technical standards for the railway industry, 15 engineering construction standards, 1 engineering cost standard, and 4 measurement specifications for the railway industry.

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