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China ranks 16th in 2021 Global Innovation Index

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Innovation plays an increasingly important role in economic development. Which countries in the world have the latest innovation capability? According to the latest global innovation index report, South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland are among the top three. This is the seventh time that this report has been published. It studies the innovation capability of 60 countries in the world, including R & D ratio to GDP, productivity, patents, proportion of researchers in one million population, high-tech concentration, higher education efficiency and education level of the working population.

Although it is the 2021 innovation index, it should be noted that these data are mainly from the data before the 2020 epidemic, not the latest data of 2021, but the list released this year.

According to the list, South Korea ranks first in the 2021 innovation index. Last year’s champion was Germany, but the latter only ranks fourth this year.

South Korea has a strong performance in many indicators, among which patent activity ranks first, R & D intensity and manufacturing added value rank second.

Among these countries, Israel is particularly noteworthy. Although it has no advantage in terms of land and population, it has ranked first in the world in terms of R & D intensity (R & D as a proportion of GDP) for four consecutive years. The high-tech concentration has also returned to the first place from the second place last year. Although patents have dropped from the eighth to the seventh place, it is still ahead.

The worst is the efficiency of higher education, ranking 34th.

The United States dropped from 10th to 11th last year, but ranked first in high-tech concentration.

The specific list of top 20 is as follows:

1. Korea

2. Singapore

3. Switzerland

4. Germany

5. Sweden

6. Denmark

7. Israel

8. Finland

9. The Netherlands

10. Austria

11. USA

12. Japan

13. France

14. Belgium

15. Norway

16. China

17. Ireland

18. UK

19. Australia

20. Italy

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