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In 2020, the national railway passenger volume will reach 2.167 billion, down 39.4% From National Railway Group

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In 2020, the China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology of new era with Chinese characteristics, conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the party, followed by general secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on the important instructions of railway work, resolutely implemented the Party Central Committee’s decision making and the State Council’s deployment, and insisted on China’s stability. The general work guideline of novel coronavirus pneumonia is to focus on transportation and power, and to advance the railway. We must adhere to the strong base, achieve quality and efficiency, strive to reduce expenditure and reduce consumption, reform and innovate, effectively and effectively cope with all kinds of risks and challenges, especially the impact and impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on railway work. We have achieved the goal of “five guarantees and five effective results”, and have achieved new results in promoting the development of railway quality. . The awesome prevention and control of epidemic situation is effective and effective, railway safety is stable, construction tasks are successfully completed, business results are better than expected, expenditure reduction and consumption reduction are remarkable, new progress has been made in reform, outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, service to tackle poverty and hard work, and railways have taken a solid step out of the way.

1、 Transportation production

Passenger transport.

The national railway passenger traffic volume reached 2.167 billion, a decrease of 1.412 billion or 39.4% over the previous year;

The national railway passenger turnover reached 825.810 billion person kilometers, a decrease of 627.145 billion person kilometers or 43.2% over the previous year.

Transportation of goods. China’s total railway freight transport volume reached 3.581 billion tons, an increase of 141 million tons or 4.1% over the previous year. Among them, the volume of container delivery increased by 36.7% over the previous year. The total turnover of national railway freight transport reached 2739.783 billion ton kilometers, an increase of 38.828 billion ton kilometers or 1.4% over the previous year.

Total converted turnover. The total converted turnover of National Railways reached 3565.593 billion ton kilometers, a decrease of 588.317 billion ton kilometers or 14.2% over the previous year.

Transportation safety. There were no particularly serious or major railway traffic accidents in the whole year, and the death toll of railway traffic accidents decreased by 15.9% over the previous year.

2、 Railway Construction

China’s railway fixed assets investment has reached 781.9 billion yuan, and 4933 kilometers of new lines have been put into operation, including 2521 kilometers of high-speed railways.

Road network scale. The national railway operation mileage is 146300 km, including 38000 km of high-speed railway; the national railway network density is 152.3 km / 10000 km2; the double track rate is 59.5%; and the electrification rate is 72.8%. The railway operating mileage in the western region is 59000 km.

The operating mileage of the national railway is 128000 km. The double line rate was 61.6%, and the electrochemical rate was 74.9%.

Mobile equipment. There are 22000 railway locomotives in China. Among them, there are 8000 diesel locomotives, accounting for 36.6%; 13800 electric locomotives, accounting for 63.3%. There are 76000 railway passenger cars in China. Among them, there are 3918 standard EMUs and 31340 EMUs. There are 912000 railway freight cars in China.

The national railway locomotive has 21000 sets. Among them, 7600 diesel locomotives, accounting for 36.2%; 13400 electric locomotives, accounting for 63.8%. The number of national railway passenger cars is 75000. Among them, there are 3828 standard EMUs and 30620 EMUs. There are 857000 railway freight cars in China.

3、 Standards and technological innovation

Establishment of important technical standards. Presided over and participated in the formulation of standard gauge railway gauge Part 1: rolling stock gauge and standard gauge railway gauge Part 2: 12 railway national standards such as “building gauge”, “general technical conditions for 350km / h high speed electric train set”, “technical conditions for OCS parts of electrified railway”, “test specification for CTCS-2 train control on-board equipment”, “railway shunting operation”, “railway receiving and dispatching operation” and other 69 railway industry standards have been released and implemented; the National Railway Group has formulated and issued《 There are 99 technical standards of China Railway Group, including technical requirements for railway data service platform, railway bridge support part 1: General requirements, basic requirements for safety classification protection of railway network, general requirements for safety, and general technical conditions for large axle load railway freight cars.

Intellectual property rights and award-winning achievements. The two patents “soil frost heaving detection device and method for detecting soil frost heaving amount” of “rail vehicle head (March 2014)” of China Railway Group won the gold award of appearance design and excellent patent award of the 21st China patent award respectively. The two patents of “grouting parameter monitor and grouting equipment” and “protection of open cut tunnel and tunnel structure” of the affiliated enterprise China Academy of Railway Sciences Group Co., Ltd. respectively won the silver award and excellent award of Chinese patent. TB / T 3487-2017 AC drive electric locomotive and other two standards won the third prize of China standard innovation contribution award in 2020.

Three patents including “railway gale monitoring and early warning system and method” of other units in the railway industry won the Patent Gold Award, “three patents including” train operation control method, device, on-board equipment and train control system “won the patent Silver Award,” 18 patents including “design method of longitudinal slab ballastless track jointless line of long bridge of high speed railway” won the patent Excellence Award, “Metro head car (Melbourne hcmt) ”The patent won the Design Excellence Award. GB / T 34651-2017 full face TBM earth pressure balance shield machine won the third prize of China standard innovation contribution award.

4、 Energy saving and emission reduction

Comprehensive energy consumption. The national railway energy consumption converted to 15.4883 million tons of standard coal, a decrease of 8727 million tons or 5.3% over the previous year. The comprehensive energy consumption per unit of transportation workload was 4.39 tons of standard coal per million ton kilometers, an increase of 0.45 tons of standard coal per million ton kilometers over the previous year, an increase of 11.3%. The main comprehensive energy consumption per unit of transportation workload was 4.32 tons of standard coal per million ton kilometers, an increase of 0.48 tons of standard coal per million ton kilometers over the previous year, an increase of 12.6%.

Emission of major pollutants. The national railway chemical oxygen demand emission was 1634 tons, 98 tons less than the previous year, a decrease of 5.6%. The emission of sulfur dioxide was 3271 tons, which was 38.1% lower than that of 2014 tons in the previous year.

Greening along the line. The national railway greening mileage was 57600 km, an increase of 4500 km or 8.5% over the previous year. More reading: National Railway Group: a total of 210 million passengers will be sent during the 40 day spring festival in 2020 People’s Bank of China: questionnaire survey report on urban depositors in the first quarter of 2019 people’s Bank of China: report on the implementation of China’s monetary policy in Q1, 2018 (download attached) Ministry of Commerce: foreign investment absorption in the whole country in 2017 sharing opportunities: the impact of China International Import Expo on the commercial real estate market (download attached) China Bureau of Statistics: January August, 2018 Profits of industrial enterprises increased by 16.2%, digital economy rose strongly, ten thousand words read the new blue ocean of economic growth, China Enterprise Federation: top 500 service enterprises in 2017, top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in 2017, Huawei ranked fourth, R & D investment of 12 Chinese Internet companies in 2013-2018 Millward State Administration of foreign exchange of China: as of April 24, 2018, 144 qualified domestic institutional investors (QDII) have received a total amount of US $98.333 billion. Banking financial management registration and custody center: financial management market report of China’s banking industry in 2017. Money official: 201 Trading volume exceeded 300 million in two years, and Sequoia Capital obtained round a investment

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