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In 2021, the per capita income of China’s 40 largest cities ranked first in Shanghai, exceeding 70000 From First finance

The following is the In 2021, the per capita income of China’s 40 largest cities ranked first in Shanghai, exceeding 70000 From First finance recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Chinese economy.

Is your income up to the standard? At present, there are seven cities in China with a per capita income of more than 60000 yuan. On the whole, the Yangtze River Delta region has the highest income level. According to the statistics of first finance and economics, the per capita disposable income of all residents in 40 key cities (including 23 cities with a GDP of trillion and other first and second tier cities, provincial capital cities, Harbin, Changchun and other key cities have not been released yet, and are not included in the statistics here) is calculated. It is found that at present, the per capita income of 7 cities exceeds 60000 yuan, and the income of the Yangtze River Delta region as a whole The entry level is the highest.

According to the data, 7 of the 40 cities with a per capita income of more than 60000 yuan in 2020 are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing. It includes four first tier cities and three new first tier cities from the Yangtze River Delta, namely Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing. The total GDP of these seven cities are in the top ten of China’s urban GDP.

Among them, Shanghai is the only one to break the 70000 yuan mark, reaching 72232 yuan, while Beijing’s disposable income has reached 69434 yuan, close to 70000 yuan. There is a certain distance between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, two first tier cities from South China, and Shanghai and Beijing. The per capita income of the two cities is 64874 yuan and 63289 yuan respectively.

After the four first tier cities, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing, the three new first tier cities from the Yangtze River Delta, also have a per capita income of more than 60000 yuan, catching up with Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These three cities have developed high-tech industries and new economy, and have accumulated more wealth.

According to the data, among the 40 major cities, there are 16 cities with a per capita income of more than 50000 yuan. Among them, the top 15 cities are from the eastern coastal developed areas, and Changsha, the 16th largest city, is the only one from the central and western regions. The income level of Changsha also exceeds that of Qingdao, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and other places along the eastern coast.

Among the 40 cities, the 10 cities with the lowest per capita income are less than 37000 yuan. Except Shijiazhuang and Haikou, the rest of the cities are from the central and western regions, especially the western region. On the one hand, the development of high-tech industry, emerging industry and modern service industry in most cities in the western region lags behind that in the eastern region, and the overall income level is low.

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