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The top ten big Mac companies in 2021 From CCTV Finance

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CCTV Finance announced the market value of a shares of the top ten “Big Mac” companies. Among them, Guizhou Maotai ranks first and Ningde times ranks tenth. In terms of ranking, seven clubs have entered the trillions. The first is Guizhou Maotai, with a market value of 2600 billion yuan, 700 billion yuan more than the second ICBC.

In addition, China Construction Bank, Ping An of China, China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Wuliangye, Bank of China and China Life Insurance were listed in the top 10.

These big market capitalization companies still mainly rely on Baijiu, bank and insurance, and only one Ningde era, as a power battery supplier, stands on the new development of the new energy vehicle.

In terms of revenue, Sinopec ranks first with a revenue of 2 trillion yuan. Ten companies in the list are involved in chemical industry, mining, construction, finance and automobile. Four of them have appeared in the market value list, including Ping An of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Life Insurance and China Construction Bank.

Among the other six listed companies, three are related to infrastructure, namely CSCEC, China Railway and China railway construction.

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