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65% of financial institutions intend to invest in cloud Enterprise Resource Planning From Gartner

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According to a Gartner study of 167 financial institutions in November 2020, people are generally interested in investing in emerging technologies in the next three years, and cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the most popular choice.

“Many financial institutions are trying to identify the future of digitization and identify and implement cost savings to allocate more money to digital initiatives,” said Dan Garvey, vice president of financial business at Gartner. Like many business functions novel coronavirus pneumonia has accelerated the pace of digital transformation of financial investment.

Although digital transformation has been a major priority for financial institutions in the past, the pace of transformation has changed substantially. “Digital investment and transformation is no longer a ‘wait-and-see’ approach for CFOs, nor is it a small investment target,” Garvey added. Now CFOs need to act quickly. “

Advanced data analysis, data storage, and robotic process automation (RPA) are all areas of potential investment in the next three years, while artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are less common.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are not so mature. For many financial institutions, this will bring greater implementation problems and uncertain return on investment. In addition, without direct investment, it is also possible to come into contact with the potential benefits of artificial intelligence.

Blockchain also has great potential for change, but the current out of the box use cases are very limited, which is not suitable for financial institutions to carry out extensive work. The scale of business income is closely related to its tendency to invest in artificial intelligence, blockchain or Internet of things (IOT).

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