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Amazon Web Services From Amazon’s Q4 financial report in 2020

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On February 2, 2021, Amazon announced its fourth quarter financial results as of December 31, 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Amazon’s net sales reached $125.6 billion, up 44% from $87.4 billion in the same period last year. Among them, the net sales of Amazon cloud services (AWS) reached $12.742 billion, up 28% compared with $9.954 billion in the same period last year. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the operating revenue was $3.564 billion, up 37% from $2.596 billion in the same period last year. The net sales of AWS in 2020 is US $45.37 billion, an increase of 30% compared with us $35.026 billion in 2019; the annual operating revenue is US $13.531 billion, which is US $9.201 billion in 2019. Amazon also announced on the same day that Jeff Bezos will transition to the position of executive chairman of the board of directors in the third quarter of 2021, and Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, will be the CEO of Amazon at that time.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, AWS announced key customer contracts and cloud migration across major industries, including JPMorgan Chase and ita ú in the financial industry Unibanco (the largest bank in Latin America), Standard Chartered Bank and nationwide bank; MGM, Thomson Reuters and Viacom CBS in media and entertainment industry; arm and twitter in technology industry; boom supersonic airliner in travel industry and Star Alliance, the world’s largest aviation alliance; Mercado in retail and e-commerce industry Libre (Latin America’s largest online commerce and payment provider) and zalando (Europe’s largest online fashion and lifestyle platform); Siemens intelligent infrastructure for power and utilities (Siemens AG’s business group focusing on energy distribution and intelligent buildings); BMW Group for the automotive industry, etc.

AWS re: invest is a global learning conference for cloud computing and information technology. In 2020, re: invest attracted more than 570000 people to register for the conference, and released 180 new services and functions. These include:

The industry’s first cloud based MAC instance (instance) is a basic concept of cloud computing proposed by AWS, which refers to a group of computing resources allocated over a period of time. In popular terms, instances are also known as cloud servers, virtual servers, virtual machines, and so on, enabling customers to develop, expand, and run MacOS workloads on AWS.

Amazon EC2 has launched five new services to further expand the leading position of AWS’s extensive and deep computing instance portfolio. Among them, the c6gn instance driven by AWS graviton2 self-developed cloud native processor is 40% more cost-effective than the x86 instance with the same configuration for network and computing intensive workload. The g4ad instance supported by AMD GPU can provide the industry’s best cost performance for graphics intensive applications. The m5zn instance provides the fastest Intel Xeon scalable processor in the cloud. The D3 / d3en instance based on Intel chips can provide the highest storage capacity for local HDD storage in the cloud. Memory optimized r5b instances provide the fastest block storage performance for Amazon EC2. Amazon sagemaker machine learning service adds nine new features to make it easier for developers and data scientists to prepare, build, train, deploy and manage machine learning models.

AWS also launched five new machine learning services for industrial customers, enabling them to use machine learning to improve operational efficiency, quality control, safety and workplace safety. Amazon monitron and Amazon lookout for equipment use sensor data for predictive maintenance of devices. AWS panorama appliance and its development kit use computer vision to improve product quality and workplace safety. Amazon lookout for vision uses computer vision to discover anomalies and product quality defects in products and processes.

Aqua (advanced query accelerator) provides Amazon redshift with a new hardware accelerated cache, and its query performance is 10 times higher than any other cloud data warehouse.

AWS glue elastic views makes it easy for developers to build materialized views and automatically combine and copy data among storage, data warehouse and database.

Amazon quicksight Q provides machine learning driven function for Amazon quicksight. Users can input questions about their business data in natural language and receive highly accurate answers in a few seconds.

Amazon ebsio2 block express volume provides the first storage area network (SAN) built specifically for the cloud, with up to 256000 IOPs (input / output operations per second), 4000 MB per second throughput, and 64 TB capacity.

Amazon EBS GP3 volumes provide customers with additional IOPs and throughput performance independent of storage capacity, providing up to 4x peak throughput at a 20% lower price per GB than previous general EBS volumes.

Launched four new container services to help customers develop, deploy and expand modern applications in the cloud and within the enterprise. Amazon ecsanywhere and Amazon eks anywhere enable customers to run Amazon ECs and Amazon eks in their own data center. AWS proton automates the development and deployment of container and server free applications. Amazon ECR public enables developers to share and deploy container software in a simple and highly available way.

Aurora serverless V2, the new version of Aurora serverless, can be expanded to hundreds of thousands of database transactions in less than one second, which can save up to 90% of the cost compared with the peak capacity configuration infrastructure.

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL allows database customers to run SQL server applications directly on Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, with little code modification. Meanwhile, the open source version of babelfish for PostgreSQL will be available to all PostgreSQL database users in 2021.

Two new services, Amazon managed service for Prometheus and Amazon managed service for grafana, were launched for container, Internet of things and operational data. They are built on popular open source projects to help customers monitor and visualize modern applications on a large scale.

AWS continues to expand its infrastructure worldwide. At present, AWS has provided 77 zones (AZ) in 24 geographical regions, and has announced plans to provide 18 more zones in 6 AWS regions in Indonesia, Japan, Spain, India, Switzerland and Australia. AWS Asia Pacific region (Hyderabad) will be opened in the middle of 2022, and AWS Europe (Zurich) and AWS Asia Pacific region (Melbourne) will be opened in the second half of 2022 )Area.

AWS has opened the AWS local zone local expansion area in Boston, Houston and Miami, which places the AWS infrastructure near the end users of the metropolitan center, allowing customers to access low latency computing, storage and database services without the need to configure or maintain the data center space. AWS announced that it will also open AWS local zone in 12 other cities in 2021 – Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland and Seattle.

AWS has released two small-size AWS outlets, 1U and 2U servers, enabling customers to access AWS locally in places with limited space, such as branches, factories, hospitals, mobile base stations or retail stores.

AWS announced that a new generation of accelerated computing instance Amazon EC2 p4d instance is generally provided, supported by NVIDIA A100 tensor core GPU and AWS Pb network. The training speed of p4d instance is three times faster than that of the previous generation instance, and the cost is reduced by 60%. It can be used for machine learning training and high performance computing in the cloud. EC2 p4d instance is also the only one with ultracluster function in the cloud, enabling customers to expand their computing power to twice that of other cloud service providers.

AWS announced the launch of its self-developed machine learning training chip, AWS training, which will provide more cost-effective training in the cloud. AWS training will provide the highest performance of all machine learning training cases in the cloud, and support all major frameworks (including tensorflow, pyttoch and mxnet). It uses the same development kit (neuron SDK) as AWS Infinita, a self-developed machine learning reasoning accelerator developed by AWS, so that customers can easily start training with AWS training. AWS training will be launched on Amazon EC2 and Amazon sagemaker in the second half of 2021.

Amazon continues to invest in the skills and career development of its customers and employees, and announced that it plans to provide free cloud skills training to 29 million people around the world within 2025. The program, designed by AWS, has self paced online courses and intensive skills upgrading programs designed to help participants find jobs in the technology industry. Previously, Amazon launched the “Amazon Skills 2025 plan”, which promised to invest $700 million to help 100000 U.S. employees upgrade their skills in order to switch to jobs with high demand and high income; it also launched the “career choice” plan, which prepaid tuition fees for employees who want to obtain degrees in high demand fields. The cloud skills training program is a further expansion of these two programs.

As part of the AWS activate program, Amazon has provided more than $1 billion of AWS vouchers in 2020 to help early start-ups start their businesses and accelerate their development. With such help, a large number of start-ups are expanding their business with scalable, reliable and secure cloud services such as computing, storage, database, analysis, Internet of things, machine learning, etc. provided by AWS. More reading: AWS Technology Summit 2018 Shanghai station set sail. It is estimated that there will be more than 50 technical forums and more than 6000 professionals participating in the conference, which is the highest in China. AWS announced the launch of new regions in Hong Kong. At present, it has provided 64 zones in 21 regions of the world. Amazon: 4q19 financial report conference record AWS’s product portfolio is in a leading position in the market. Amazon: 4q19’s revenue increased by 21% year-on-year, and the number of prime members reached 150 million. Amazon: 1q20 financial report teleconference record: the testing cost in the second quarter was US $300 million. In April, 95000 people were recruited. Bezos: AWS’s biggest competitor in China is alicloud. Amazon re: invest global online summit opened grandly Released 43 new services and functions. Gartner’s latest report suggests that corporate customers learn from Amazon’s digital model. AWS appoints Zhang Wenyi as global vice president and executive director of Greater China Rong Yongkang will take another new job Amazon: 2q19 net sales reached $63.4 billion, a year-on-year growth of 20%, not stopping at cloud computing global brother: AWS is speeding up the pace of machine learning and artificial intelligence popularization platform Amazon: during the epidemic period, the demand for e-commerce and entertainment surged, but the increase in the cost of fulfilling orders dragged down profits. AWS announced the opening of three Amazon cloudfront sites Amazon operated by Western cloud data Sagemaker helps walkers AI achieve 96% accuracy of game content filtering. Tomcat game family, with a daily life of 40 million, uses AWS cloud service to create “senseless” user experience

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