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Fast implementation of future oriented performance From Accenture Report

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A novel coronavirus pneumonia report, which is “fast to achieve future performance”, shows that the acceleration of the number of new drivers promoted by the new crown pneumonia and the new flexible operation mode that will result in the release will bring about a profit growth of US $5 trillion and 400 billion if it is widely applied.

Preparing for the future

Areas of concern include:

Cloud: 90% of future oriented enterprises use cloud infrastructure on a large scale (76% of other enterprises), and 78% of enterprises are still exploring new areas to expand and maximize value.

Machine intelligence: 71% of future oriented enterprises have fully adopted the functions of artificial intelligence and data science, 38% of enterprises have now expanded the practice of artificial intelligence, while the proportion of other enterprises is only 3%.

Scale automation: two thirds of future oriented enterprises (67%) adopt end-to-end digital process, 58% continue to expand leading practice, while the proportion of other enterprises is 32% and 6% respectively. By 2023, 82% of companies are expected to expand the scale of leading practice.

Smarter data: future oriented enterprises are more than 10 times more likely to use large-scale analysis than other enterprises (52% vs 5%), combined with better and more diverse data sets (45% vs 6%) to generate actionable insights and provide information for decision-making.

Agile workforce: 34% of future oriented enterprises adopt agile workforce strategy on a large scale, while only 4% of other enterprises adopt agile workforce strategy. Accenture estimates that by 2023, 71% of companies will adopt a flexible workforce strategy.

At present, enterprises in all industries are at different levels of operational maturity. The results show that the proportion of future oriented enterprises in insurance industry (10%) and high-tech industry (9%) is generally higher than that in other industries. However, as the epidemic forces digitization to accelerate, Accenture predicts that by 2023, some industries will achieve a leap, with auto (48%), insurance (42%) and Banking (37%) expected to be the leaders.

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