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In 2021, Q1 enterprise cloud service expenditure increased by 37% year on year From SRG

The following is the In 2021, Q1 enterprise cloud service expenditure increased by 37% year on year From SRG recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: cloud computing.

New data from synergy research group show that in the first quarter, enterprises spent more than $39 billion on cloud infrastructure services, an increase of $2 billion over the previous quarter, or 37% year-on-year.

Microsoft’s market share in Amazon dominated market has been rising slowly, and the market share gap between them narrowed by 2 percentage points last year. Together, these two market leaders account for more than half of global cloud revenue. In addition to Amazon and Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, Tencent and Baidu are also growing faster than the overall market.

IBM, salesforce, Oracle, NTT, sap and Fujitsu were also the top 12 suppliers. Compared with the largest cloud providers, all providers can have some niche markets in the market.

Since most of the major cloud providers have now released revenue data for the first quarter, synergy estimates that the revenue of cloud infrastructure services (including IAAs, PAAS and hosted private cloud services) in the first quarter was $39.5 billion; Revenue in the past 12 months has reached $140 billion. Public IAAs and PAAS services dominated the market, up 39% in the first quarter. The dominant position of major cloud providers is more obvious in the public cloud segment. The top five control 80% of the market. Geographically, the cloud computing market has maintained strong growth in all regions of the world.

John dinsdale, chief analyst at synergy research group, said: “Amazon and Microsoft have won the leadership position because they are actively focused on developing their cloud Services Quarterly and year by year. They invest billions of dollars every quarter to expand their global data center coverage and enhance their cloud service portfolio. But that’s not to say that other players don’t have a chance. Excluding Amazon and Microsoft, other suppliers have more than $18 billion in quarterly revenue and are growing by more than 30% a year. Cloud providers that focus on specific regions, services or user groups also maintain strong growth. ” Read more: SRG: global cloud service revenue will reach $187 billion in the first half of 2020 SRG: enterprise cloud infrastructure service expenditure will increase by 35% in 2020 SRG: global cloud infrastructure service expenditure will exceed $30 billion in Q2 in 2020 SRG: cloud service revenue in Q2 Asia Pacific region will exceed $9 billion in 2020 SRG: USB video conferencing system revenue will increase by 50% in the first quarter of 2020 synergy research: Q4 cloud based in 2017 46% year on year growth in infrastructure service expenditure SRG: nearly 33 billion US dollars in cloud infrastructure service expenditure in the third quarter of 2020, 33% year on year growth SRG: 25% growth in public cloud infrastructure expenditure in the second quarter of 2020 SRG: 541 super large data centers in the first half of 2020 SRG: 800 million US dollars in Q1 conference VAAs market in 2020, 80% year on year growth SRG: Q1 data center infrastructure in 2020 Facility Revenue $35.8 billion SRG: Europe’s cloud service spending reaches $6 billion in the first quarter of 2020 SRG: global cloud service spending increases by 37% year on year in Q1 of 2020 SRG: Data Center hardware and software spending exceeds $150 billion in 2019 SRG: China accounts for one third of the public cloud market in the Asia Pacific Region

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