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On December 15, the new product launch of polar space private cloud with the theme of “breaking the game” was held in Beijing. As a new upstart in the industry, polar space released the flagship model Z4 and the elf Z2 for personal and home users. Z4 adopts the latest generation Intel j4125 processor, 4GB / 8GB super large memory, dual 2.5G network card and M2 interface SSD cache with link aggregation of 5g and 10g transmission speed. Z4 is a product with extremely strong comprehensive performance in the private cloud with 4 disks in the market. Z2 adopts dual disk products, 4-core ARM processor, 2G memory, colorful color matching and warm skin texture design, combined with ultra small size and ultra quiet cooling scheme, it is more conducive to integrate into modern home environment.

At this conference, polar space’s official website was launched at the same time. At the same time, the self operated flagship store of polar space Jingdong was also opened, and the related products were pre-sale: the flagship model Z4, 4G memory version sold at 2599 yuan, 8g memory version sold at 2799 yuan; elf Z2, Standard Version, sold at 1199 yuan, 4T package version sold at 1899 yuan, 8t package version sold at 2399 yuan.

At the press conference, Yuan Bin, founder and CEO of polar space, said that the entrepreneurial heart of polar space is to do what we and our team are best at first, and take hard core technology and product capability as the core competitiveness. We should do something to really solve the user’s pain point, hoping to increase the happiness index of user’s life and improve the user’s work efficiency. Any entrepreneurship should include the dream of changing the world. No matter how big or small, every effort is social progress. We hope that 80% of Internet users can use it easily by making simple and easy-to-use products, and let the private cloud enter thousands of households like household appliances, and preserve a better life with technology.

(Tan Xiaosheng)

(Sun Dan)

(Li fancong)

Tan Xiaosheng, founder and senior Internet security expert of Saibo Yingjie / Zhengqi college, sun Dan, global vice president and President of Seagate technology in China, Li fancong, partner of Rococo design group and general manager of Beijing Rococo design, attended the conference and delivered speeches. All of them agreed that polar space private cloud fundamentally pays attention to data security and user experience, and its products are accurate Cutting into user pain points and needs, just as the theme of the conference, will certainly break the pattern of private cloud market which has been silent for 10 years.

In the era of data explosion, storage has become a rigid demand

With the rapid development of 5g, smart phones and smart home devices, data not only keeps a high growth rate in enterprises, but also explosive growth in every user’s side and every family. The storage of photos, e-mails, videos, documents and other data has become the rigid demand of everyone and every family. The family data assets have become the real valuable assets and need a safe, reliable and easy-to-use storage scheme.

At present, many users will use the network cloud disk as a convenient storage method. Its advantages are well known, such as convenient application and easy sharing. However, in recent years, cloud disk data leakage problems occur frequently, which makes more and more users worry about network privacy security. Many users with privacy requirements will still keep their photos and files on their mobile hard disk and U disk, and the data storage is scattered and messy. In addition, if the data storage capacity and reading speed requirements of users are very high, cloud disk can not meet the demand, and the use cost will be very expensive.

Polar space family private cloud, build your own private cloud storage service

Polar space family private cloud can perfectly solve the pain points and difficulties of many new users. It is reported that polar space is a data solution based on the technical architecture of NAS (network attached storage network attached storage device), which makes full use of the achievements of Internet and cloud computing technology development in recent 10 years, and integrates various application service functions to create a data solution integrating software and hardware. Its core function is safe and reliable data storage, and provides application services for these storage contents. For example, in addition to storing photos, polar space also provides tools for browsing photos, sorting, making albums, and sharing photos; users can not only store documents, but also view, edit, online decompress and share documents; videos are not only storage functions, but also can download videos, automatically match video information to generate beautiful poster walls and high-quality videos Play.

Yuan Bin said that polar space private cloud not only has the advantages of good privacy of local storage devices, high data security, high-speed access and large capacity space, but also has the advantages of convenient access and sharing anytime and anywhere, just like public cloud disks. In work, polar space is an office artifact with multiple functions, such as automatic data backup, document synchronization, privacy safe, all-weather and heart to heart access. It also provides the remote point-to-point transmission technology of self-developed super large files. Even a file of 10t size can be directly transmitted to another polar space thousands of miles away. In the family, polar space can provide automatic backup of massive mobile phone photos, automatic classification of intelligent photo albums, and powerful cloud disk synchronization function, so that the homework assigned by teachers, children’s learning videos and course materials can be displayed to children at any time. For those who like to collect high-definition film and television content, polar space provides a one-stop solution, which can not only help users match video information intelligently and generate beautiful poster walls, but also perfectly support ISO, BDMV and MKV The original 4K Blu ray film and television files support hundreds of video formats. The perfect subtitle function supports embedded and external plug-in, which can completely replace the professional Blu ray player. In addition, polar space built-in Xunlei full version, and through the membership system, users can enjoy the super high-speed download brought by thunderbolt members; at the same time, built-in multi engine Pt professional download tool, providing perfect support for PT enthusiasts. Yuan Bin also announced that polar space will cooperate with top domestic video websites to establish a blu ray content zone to provide a real audio-visual feast for high-definition film and television enthusiasts.

The foundation of the game breaker’s extreme space: leading technology, security and privacy, stability and reliability, simple and easy to use

At present, the mainstream private cloud products in the market are complex in use, low in configuration, expensive in price, and poor in product experience, which makes many users shy away from private cloud. Traditional enterprises have been in a monopoly position, and the distinct seller market naturally lacks the power to innovate. The annual New product release is squeezing toothpaste. The latest product even uses the CPU and hardware of several years ago Let alone the improvement for the needs of users.

As a game breaker, polar space hopes to break the stagnant situation of this industry and provide better and more valuable products to users through innovation and competition. Where is the confidence?

First of all, the team is excellent and the technology is leading. The team of 50 people from extreme space comes from Baidu, LETV, Xiaomi and other first-line Internet enterprises, 85% of which He is an R & D Engineer with an average of more than 8 years of working experience, and has more than 15 years of experience in video, Linux kernel, P2P and other fields. His independent research and development of pole connection, polar photo album, polar film and television technology is in the leading level of the industry.

Secondly, the foundation of polar space is security and privacy, stability and reliability, and easy to use.

Tao Jianliang, director of polar space products, said that in terms of security and privacy, polar space cloud does not store any user data, and the cloud service only records the corresponding relationship between an account and the device when the user first registers for login verification. The whole process of data transmission and storage is encrypted to ensure the data security of all links. When the product is used with multiple accounts, the data is absolutely isolated, and the administrator has no right to view other account data.

In order to provide a stable and reliable use experience, polar space is equipped with high-quality power supply. When the device is started, it adopts a very fine security protection mechanism of hard disk sequential power on, and provides a hard disk sleep mechanism and regular S.M.A.R.T detection function. It can also monitor and alarm the operation of the device, such as remote restart, remote shutdown, automatic restart after accidental power failure, etc Small and intimate function ensures that the equipment can run stably on-line for 7 × 24 hours. At the software level, through the “zconnect polar connection” technology, mobile phones, computers, TVs and other terminals can quickly and stably connect to the polar space private cloud under various network conditions, without the need to apply for the Internet IP, complex configuration, and no additional payment.

In terms of simplicity and ease of use, polar space follows the principle of “one mobile phone number and one app”. It does not need to register and log in many times, and does not need to install a system. The consistency of the three terminals of mobile phone, computer and TV is also very good. There is almost no learning cost when users switch.

The flagship Z4 / ELF Z2 came out together, focusing on the differentiated market

The flagship aircraft Z4 released this time adopts all aviation grade 5052 aluminum alloy shell, which not only has excellent machinability, corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, but also has excellent auxiliary cooling capacity, and can greatly reduce resonance and noise. The industrial design style of multi curved surface is full of science and technology. The expensive automobile grade stamping process brings the ultimate lightweight and integration, which ensures the solid overall structure.

Z4 adopts the latest generation Intel j4125 processor, 4GB / 8GB ultra large storage, equipped with dual 2.5G network card and M2 interface SSD flash memory with link aggregation of 5g and 10g transmission speed, which can provide higher data access speed. 4 hard disk bits, up to 64t super large capacity, compatible with 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch, supporting mechanical hard disk and SSD.

In addition, Z4’s unique tool free installation design of the hard disk bracket allows users to load and unload the hard disk without any tools. The hard disk rack adopts hollow design, with stable structure, and can construct air duct to strengthen heat dissipation. With 14cm super large silent hydraulic bearing fan and intelligent temperature control algorithm, the temperature and noise can achieve a good balance. All the movable components are connected with silent elastic silica gel for contact isolation, which ensures that there is no rigid contact point in the whole machine, and greatly reduces the noise and vibration of the equipment.

Another product, Z2, can be said to be the “elf” of individual and home users. Z2 small size, placed in any corner of the family are no pressure. Its colorful color matching can better integrate into modern home furnishings. Rubber paint brings skin like texture and makes digital life more warm. The first five color schemes include titanium gray, star blue, snow mountain white, dark night green and fantasy blue, and more color matching will be released in the future.

Z2 adopts 4-core ARM CPU, 2G super large running memory, 8g high-performance memory, Gigabit network card, usb3.2 interface and maximum support of 32tb storage space, which is enough to meet the daily needs of a family of six. More importantly, Z2 uses ultra quiet design, which is a private cloud that can be placed in the bedroom.

Z4 flagship model, with a sense of science and technology appearance combined with violent performance, mainly faces the market of high-end digital players and small and micro enterprise users; Z2 emphasizes the integration with modern home environment through fashionable color matching, small size and silent design, and obviously hopes to bring home users, especially female users, into the pocket. This set of high and low combination boxing, also shows the market ambition of extreme space.

With the release of Z4, which is a powerful performance building peak experience, and Z2, a refined private cloud service with colorful life, and the synchronous opening of official website and Jingdong self operated flagship store, polar space, a brand that has been paid close attention to by the whole industry for more than a year, has finally delivered its first answer paper. The new trend of easy-to-use, privacy, security and powerful private cloud brought by polar space will be greatly increased With the popularization of fast private cloud, our digital life is becoming more and more beautiful with the joint efforts of one and another companies like polar space, which are really based on scientific and technological innovation. Just as Yuan Bin, founder of polar space, said, “we should do things that change the world, no matter how big or small.”. Read more: synergy research: Q2 data center infrastructure Revenue $30 billion in 2017, public cloud market growth 35% synergy: Q4 global public cloud service market has exceeded $7 billion in 2016 synergy: Q4 global cloud infrastructure revenue exceeded $70 billion in 2016 synergy: Q2 global cloud computing infrastructure market in 2016 increased by 16% compared with the same period last year Japan: Japan’s private cloud market will reach about 800 billion yuan in 2015, and the world’s Digitalization: from the edge to the core (with download attached) the gains and losses of pioneers from the edge to the core Six new racing performance statistics in 2020 AWS China releases financial management services to enable customers to use cloud services more economically and efficiently. Tom cat game family, which lives 40 million yuan a day, uses AWS cloud services to create “insensible” user experience. Amazon cloud services (AWS) is officially launched in China. Two new file storage services are launched in AWS Technology Summit 2018 Shanghai station It is expected that more than 50 technical forums and more than 6000 professionals will attend the meeting, which will be the highest in China at AWS Technology Summit cybersecurity Insider: Cloud Security Report 2020 IDC Japan: 56% of Japanese enterprises use hosted private cloud to improve security

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