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Overcoming barriers to maximize cloud value From Accenture Report

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A new report from Accenture shows that despite years of hard work, many companies are still trying to realize the full value of their cloud investments.

Accenture’s survey of 750 senior business and IT professionals in large enterprises in 11 industries and 17 countries found that only 37% of the companies are realizing the full value expected of their cloud investment, which is only 2% higher than Accenture’s 2018 Research Report.

Although value realization has never been more important, only 45% of business and it respondents said they were “very satisfied” with their cloud results, an increase of only 1% over 2018. In addition, only 29% of enterprises fully believe that their enterprise’s cloud migration plan will deliver the expected value in the expected time.

When enterprises put more energy into the cloud, the results will be significantly better. 46% of high investment enterprises report that they have fully realized their expected cloud revenue, 36% of moderate investment enterprises and 28% of low-level enterprises.

Enterprises recognize that they need cloud technology to improve speed and agility to mitigate the major challenges they face, and to drive transformational change to create new opportunities and value. Now 80% of business executives see the cloud as a way to reduce business uncertainty and risk. In addition, 87% of the respondents regarded the cloud as an important part of the company’s sustainable development strategy.

Accenture also looked at the factors that may hinder the development of the enterprise in promoting the cloud plan and achieving its goals. The most common obstacle for CEOs is “lack of skills” (54%). Followed by “security and compliance risk” (46%), as well as “proliferation of traditional infrastructure and Applications” and “dislocation between it and business” (both 40%).

The survey results also show that compared with other senior management leaders and senior company officials, the impression of CEOs on cloud computing results and concerns is significantly different: 54% of CEOs are fully confident that the cloud will achieve the expected value. Only 34% of CIOs and 28% of CFOs think so.

In order to obtain the full business value of cloud technology, the company needs to solve four key areas:

1. Focus on business value.

2. Human and cultural change management.

3. Data and artificial intelligence.

4. Cooperate for success.

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