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The following is the Q3 cloud service expenditure increases by 28% in 2020 From Synergy Research recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: cloud computing.

According to new data from synergy research, as covid-19 drives changes in corporate behavior and accelerates the transition from local operations to cloud based services, enterprise spending on cloud services increased significantly in the third quarter. IAAs, PAAS and SaaS are now huge markets and are still growing rapidly, but their size inevitably leads to a steady decline in growth rates.

In the third quarter, the growth rates of IAAs, PAAS and SaaS all rebounded significantly, about 3 percentage points higher than the normal expectation. Every quarter, the major cloud providers benefit from the increased service expenditures of enterprises. Additional spending increased by about $1.5 billion in the quarter. In the third quarter, enterprises spent $65 billion on cloud infrastructure services (IAAs, PAAS, and hosted private cloud services) and SaaS, up 28% from the third quarter of 2019. PAAS continued to maintain its highest growth rate, reaching 37% in the third quarter.

John dinsdale, chief analyst at synergy research, said: “at synergy, we track the cloud market very closely and we know there will be strong growth in the third quarter, but the actual growth is higher than we expected. There is no doubt that covid-19 is the main driver of this growth. The transfer of workload to the public cloud is faster than expected, and managed software applications are particularly attractive for businesses that are popular around the world. A large number of hybrid cloud services also contribute to rapid adoption, which helps smooth the way to more use of the public cloud. Whatever the post pandemic world looks like, we don’t want these trends to reverse. “

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