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“Troika” to promote in depth business development, Amazon cloud technology to rejuvenate the new China strategy

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A few days ago, Gartner released the survey data of global cloud computing IAAs market in 2020, which shows that the global cloud computing IAAs market scale will rise to US $64.286 billion in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 40.7%. According to Gartner’s forecast, the total global IT expenditure will reach US $4.1 trillion in 2021, an increase of 8.4% compared with 2020. For the head players of cloud computing, it is a very exciting trend, which is a huge incremental market.

Zhang Wenyi, global vice president of Amazon and executive director of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China, released a new “troika” strategy at the media communication conference on Amazon cloud technology’s China business strategy on March 25. Zhang Wenyi announced at the press conference that through Amazon’s unique global advantages, Amazon’s global business system is strongly supported, and Amazon’s innovative culture and strategy are utilized, Amazon’s cloud technology has made great efforts to build a “troika” of its business in China, This includes enabling Chinese customers in China to enjoy the world’s leading cloud technology and services to better deepen their local business, maintaining the consistency of global IT architecture and experience by using China, and Chinese customers going out to the world through Amazon’s global infrastructure and services. These three carriages integrate, cooperate and promote each other, and serve customers at home and abroad in a full range of business remodeling and digital innovation.

Zhang Wenyi said, “as the creator and leader of global cloud computing, our vision in China is to use our inherent innovative spirit to enable customers to reshape, accelerate customers’ global business expansion, and strengthen local cloud talent training, so as to promote the transformation of the whole industry, help the development of digital economy, and benefit the whole society.”

In the past few years, Amazon cloud technology has made great achievements in the Chinese market. Zhang Wenyi said, “China has always been one of the most important countries in our global development layout. We are also very optimistic about China’s economic prospects and environment, and are constantly increasing our investment in China. We have successively opened the Amazon cloud technology China (Beijing) region operated by halo new network Western cloud data operates Amazon cloud technology in China (Ningxia) and Hong Kong, which makes China the only country with three regions except the United States. In addition, we have also set up the Institute of artificial intelligence in Shanghai and two IOT laboratories in Taipei and Shenzhen, hoping to better promote the implementation and use of artificial intelligence and IOT in China. Recently, in order to get closer to our local customers, we launched the Chinese name of Amazon cloud technology“

At present, companies in both emerging and traditional industries around the world are speeding up business restructuring. Cloud computing plays an important role in it, combined with Amazon’s experience in serving global customers. Zhang Wenyi believes that there are three major trends in the business remodeling of customers, including:

Trend 1: the epidemic is really driving the remodeling of the whole enterprise, and many enterprises are actively embracing the cloud to take advantage of the agility, flexibility and cost saving of the cloud to quickly respond to external changes and improve their costs.

Trend 2: more and more enterprises innovate directly in the cloud. In addition to making the data serve the daily operation, they also launched some innovative user experience, which also accelerated the digitalization and intellectualization of their business.

Trend 3: enterprises are accelerating the global business layout. Whether Chinese enterprises are expanding overseas or multinational companies are developing their domestic business, they are using Amazon cloud computing, especially a unified technical architecture, to quickly enter the business.

Local internal circulation: continuously increase investment, expand capacity and area, and accelerate service implementation

For internal circulation, Amazon cloud technology is increasing investment in China. Ningxia will expand its capacity in the second phase. It is estimated that the design area of the new plant and the computing capacity it can support in the second phase will reach 1.3 times of that in the first phase. Ningxia region has been welcomed by thousands of Chinese customers since it was officially put into business in 2017. The expansion of the second phase will further improve Amazon’s cloud technology service capability, better help customers embrace digitalization and intellectualization, and accelerate the pace of their remodeling. Meanwhile, Amazon cloud technology will officially launch the third zone in Beijing this year. Availability zone is a special design on the infrastructure of Amazon cloud technology. Each zone is an independent unit. In order to be stable and reliable, Amazon cloud technology has made a special design for the region. Each region will build multiple zones, each zone will have some complete and independent power supply, cooling system, network facilities, etc., and there will be a high-speed network interconnection between regions. The release of the third zone in Beijing will also bring more value to customers.

In China, Amazon cloud technology is striving to rapidly implement the most extensive and in-depth services in the world. More than 400 new services and functions will be implemented in 2020, and the pace is accelerating. Amazon cloud technology released Amazon, the key service of machine learning   Sagemaker greatly reduces the technical and resource barriers for customers to carry out machine learning, and improves the development efficiency of machine learning; It also introduces big data analysis services, such as Amazon   Glue、Amazon   Athena、Amazon   MSK and Amazon   Lake formation, data analysis components are complete; Amazon has also launched two new file storage services   FSX for windows and lustre, the “whole family bucket” of storage service has been implemented. The implementation of Amazon eks also promotes the application of containerization, enabling customers to start, run and expand kubernetes applications in the cloud and locally.

In 2021, Amazon cloud technology released Amazon graviton2, a native processor based on self-developed cloud, and implemented several core functions of sagemaker released on Re: invest in Beijing and Ningxia, which is also one of the earliest regions in the world.

The implementation of these new services and functions has greatly driven the business innovation and transformation of customers. For example, less than a year after the implementation, sagemaker has been applied by various types of customers in the game, manufacturing, automobile, travel and other industries to improve their machine learning ability and help them accelerate business innovation. In 2021, Amazon cloud technology will continue to accelerate the pace of service and function landing.

External circulation matrix development model: building an end-to-end complete whole industry chain system of automobile industry

Starting from 2020, Amazon cloud technology has made great achievements in the automotive industry. As we all know, China is already the world’s largest automobile production and marketing country. The automobile industry is a global industrial chain, including R & D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service. At the same time, the automobile industry itself is also experiencing a transformation of networking, electrification and automation. In the future, from the Internet of vehicles to electric vehicles, intelligent driving and shared vehicles, will usher in a leap forward development.

Amazon cloud technology sees that there are two core elements in the transformation of the whole automobile industry: first, each link of the automobile industry chain needs to integrate and drive each other. Through the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and the cooperation of different enterprises, the upgrading of the whole industry can be promoted. Second, every link of the industry chain is also carrying out their digital transformation and upgrading through the cloud. Amazon cloud technology can see that they are actively embracing the cloud, whether they are vehicle manufacturers, service providers or technology developers.

How to give full play to their unique advantages? Amazon cloud technology has built an end-to-end complete whole industry chain system in the automotive industry all over the world. It has cooperated with leaders in all aspects of the automotive industry, has first-hand experience, and actively participates in and promotes the transformation and innovation of the entire industry.

Through China’s overall layout, we have the ability to quickly implement these global experiences in China. For example, it helped Toyota build a new cloud data analysis platform to support their Internet of vehicles. In China, it also helped Toyota Internet to establish a data Lake platform supporting the Internet of vehicles in just five years.

Amazon cloud technology also helps local enterprises to use cloud computing to enable their business innovation through our global technology capabilities and experience. For example, in the field of automatic driving, the professional solutions of image recognition, training and simulation are implemented in China to help the whole automatic driving enterprise develop rapidly.

Global external circulation: unique natural advantages for serving customers going out to sea

Zhang Wenyi believes that “Amazon cloud technology has been our efforts for many years in helping globalization and promoting external circulation. We have been serving Chinese enterprises for more than 10 years, which is earlier than the official launch of our China region. The first batch of Chinese enterprises to use Amazon cloud to develop their overseas business include qujia game, Derby software, vision energy, tiger tooth, Netease game, etc., and even many customers’ overseas business is based on Amazon cloud technology, and finally grow into successful multinational enterprises and listed companies, such as tiger tooth, graffiti, etc. “

The main advantages of Amazon cloud technology service enterprises going out to sea include:

1. In terms of helping globalization and promoting external circulation, Amazon cloud technology has been more than 10 years, earlier than the official launch of China region. The first batch of Chinese enterprises to use Amazon cloud to develop their overseas business include qujia game, Derby software, vision energy, tiger teeth, Netease games, etc. even many customers’ overseas business is based on Amazon cloud technology, and finally grow into successful multinational enterprises and listed companies, such as tiger teeth, graffiti, etc.

2. Customers who go to sea pay more attention to safety and compliance. In terms of compliance, Amazon also escorts the landing of customer business.

3. Amazon cloud technology’s global extensive and in-depth services are also a very important foundation for overseas enterprises in their business innovation and transformation. Chinese enterprises going out to sea are also experiencing the transformation from labor-intensive products to high-tech products and emerging business model output. Only by keeping up with technological innovation can they better realize business transformation, so the advantages of cloud can also be fully reflected. In addition to Amazon’s most basic computing, storage and network services, many successful overseas users will also use our machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, data lake, Devops and other emerging technologies. For example, Amazon’s cloud technology data analysis capability is indispensable for the retail and e-commerce industry to go to sea. Intelligent hardware enterprises can not go to sea without Amazon cloud technology’s full set of solutions in the Internet of things and machine learning.

4. Amazon cloud technology has a global third-party software platform AWS marketplace, which can provide support for customers going to sea in two aspects: it can make customers easily purchase, layout and manage third-party software, which covers various application scenarios such as security, network, data analysis, etc; It can help the enterprises going out to sea to put their appropriate solutions on the market for promotion and sales.

According to IDG data, in 2020, China’s cloud computing grew by 54% year-on-year. Although it grew rapidly, it only accounted for 6.5% of the global market. China’s IT market has accounted for 14% of the global market in 2020. There is still a lot of room for growth in China’s cloud computing market, which will also promote the business explosion of cloud computing giants. Read more: Amazon cloud technology releases China business strategy Zhang Wenyi announces the troika to accelerate customers’ global business expansion Digital China officially becomes Amazon cloud services (AWS) China strategic partner with Amazon graviton2 as an example landing in China Amazon cloud technology enriches ecological diversity AWS appoints Zhang Wenyi as global vice president and executive director of Greater China Shirong Yongkang will take another new job. Amazon cloud technology’s self-developed cloud native processor will provide cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence. Amazon cloud technology announced to provide low-cost storage level for Amazon EFS. Amazon EC2 x2gd equipped with self-developed processor Amazon graviton2 is fully available to Amazon   Personalize personalized recommendation launched in Amazon cloud technology China Amazon and red hat announced the launch of red hat openshift container platform hosting service based on Amazon cloud technology new F1 insight supported by Amazon cloud technology helps racing fans understand the instant decision on the track Amazon cloud technology launched predictive maintenance service for industrial equipment based on machine learning AWS Technology Summit 201 It is estimated that there will be more than 50 technical forums and more than 6000 professionals attending the 8 Shanghai station, Amazon cloud service (AWS) and formula 1 jointly announced six new racing performance statistics in 2020 season. 2020 trusted cloud online summit cloud network integration new infrastructure technology is specially for you to analyze the future of cloud network. 2020 China Digital ecological hero month – cloud computing ecological forum will be held soon. B.P business partners

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