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28% of Indian users will abandon WhatsApp after its privacy policy is updated From CMR Corporation

The following is the 28% of Indian users will abandon WhatsApp after its privacy policy is updated From CMR Corporation recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: original, Consumer research, network security.

The recently updated WhatsApp privacy policy announcement has caused a heated debate in India, and people are rethinking the way they use WhatsApp. According to the latest CMR study, 76% of Indian users are aware of the new WhatsApp privacy policy. The vast majority (79%) are reconsidering using WhatsApp, and 28% of them even plan to leave WhatsApp after the implementation of the new policy in May 2021.

For the new WhatsApp policy, Indian consumers have a lot of emotions, including angry (49%), no longer trust WhatsApp (45%), to feel distrust (35%). Only 10% of consumers are indifferent to the new policy statement.

For instant messaging application users, trust and security are very important.

According to the research results, 41% of respondents plan to switch to telegram, while 35% prefer signal. In terms of perception (55%) and actual utilization rate (39%), the score of telegram was higher than that of signal. In the past year, in fact, 37% of users have used telegram, and signal is a new messaging application.

Other highlights:

When most users on WhatsApp and FB messenger store their chat backup on a third-party or non end-to-end encryption platform (such as Google drive or icloud), they do not feel convenient and secure. Telgram users maintain a high degree of trust in the dedicated cloud provided by telgram (49%).

55% of WhatsApp users are faced with the challenge of media file storage, running out of phone memory.

Nearly 50% of the respondents have received suspicious email, which contains potential phishing, malicious links. The incidence of phishing was the highest among WhatsApp users (52%), and the lowest among telegram users (28%).

More than 71% of people feel safe when they join a popular forum or channel on telegram because they don’t have to disclose their phone number to strangers.

There is a high incidence of spam in existing enterprises. More than 50% of WhatsApp and FB messenger users receive spam every day.

Only 1 / 3 of instant messaging application users are satisfied with the abuse of content reporting method. 73% of WhatsApp users feel helpless in fighting against illegal, abused and copyrighted content.

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