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34% of Americans think technology companies lack government regulation From Morning Consult

The following is the 34% of Americans think technology companies lack government regulation From Morning Consult recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research.

According to the latest data, from March 9 to December 14, the number of times zoom was installed on American mobile phones has exceeded 75 million, an increase of 515%.

According to a survey conducted by morning consult from December 10 to 13, 55% of 2200 American adult respondents believe that the technology industry has “great” power in the United States, second only to politics and government (66%) and banking and Finance (56%).

When asked novel coronavirus pneumonia, they used online services to complete a series of tasks. The most popular activity was to check the weather. 62% of the respondents used online services everyday.

This was followed by watching TV and movies (61%) and communicating with friends and family every day (51%), but overall, the results were basically unchanged from the December 2019 survey. The only notable daily changes are a 10% increase in watching TV and movies and a 10% decrease in communicating with friends and family.

However, not all technologies have proved to be essential during the pandemic, and the number of downloads of some social media apps and takeaway services declined after the surge in the early days of the pandemic. For example, the number of downloads to houseparty peaked at 280216 on April 14. Houseparty is a video chat service. Users can chat with friends or play in app games on different operating systems. Since then, except for the brief surge in November and some regional growth, it has been basically declining.

Although the number of APP downloads is growing, and respondents’ views on their internet habits have not changed, the survey by morning consult found that 34% of respondents believe that technology and for-profit universities and medical insurance companies lack government regulation. Insurance companies, big banks, Wall Street and oil and gas companies followed (33%). More reading: morning consult: 2020 US consumer tracking survey report morning consult: understanding generation Z. the list of favorite brands of generation Z is bigger than the conference room. Expectation of CEO’s role. Morning consult: Amazon is America’s favorite brand. Morning consult: only 23% of US consumers will visit the cinema this year What drives the loyalty of today’s brands Consultation: Z generation and millennial generation opinion leaders Marketing Report?

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