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37% of Americans are optimistic about 2021 From YouGov

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2020 is undoubtedly a negative year for Americans, and most people say it’s a very bad year for the world, even for their own families. YouGov’s 2021 poll found that people’s pessimism (35%) and optimism (37%) about the world in the coming year are similar.

Americans think their families will be better in 2021. For next year’s family life, more people feel optimistic (49%) than pessimistic (20%).

These are not very different from the answers given by Americans in previous years. Americans are generally more optimistic about the future of the world and their families.

Americans are pessimistic about the future of politics

The fierce election seems to have influenced Americans’ view of the future of politics. Even more surprising is the widespread belief that Americans with different political views will not be able to unite to resolve their differences. Most say Americans will not be able to do that (52%).

Black people are the only ones who are optimistic about America’s resurgence.

The negative effects of the election season may not end soon. One third of the public expects politics to become more negative in 2021.

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