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71% of Indians prefer to repair damaged equipment From YouGov

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Although the debate on “repair right” continues in North America and Europe, the latest data from YouGov shows that consumers in different regions have different attitudes towards repair rather than replacement technology.

YouGov surveyed 17 markets and found that Indian consumers were most likely to choose to repair damaged equipment rather than replace it. About 7 out of 10 Indians (71%) agree with the saying: “when a technology I own fails, I’d rather fix it than replace it.”

Similar attitudes have emerged in the United Arab Emirates (65%), Poland (65%) and Indonesia (63%).

British consumers are roughly in the middle of the list, with 55% preferring repairs to replacements.

Data show that consumers in China, Denmark and the United States are most likely to abandon technology and buy back rather than repair it.

In terms of age, consumers aged 25-34 are more inclined to repair than to replace. We can’t tell from the data whether it’s a budgetary or ethical issue. But interestingly, many people may think that this group will take a more casual approach to their technology.

Another survey shows that 15% of Britons plan to buy a new mobile phone next year, compared with 26% of Americans. Although most parts of the world are still in the throes of economic slowdown triggered by the new crown, the willingness of Americans to buy new smartphones in October 2020 is as high as that in October 2019.

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