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79% of Americans want to maintain workplace flexibility after the outbreak From accenture

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The latest global survey by Accenture shows that retailers, consumer goods and tourism companies have shifted from coping with the crisis to reshaping their products and services. This is mainly because the new crown pandemic has changed the way people live, work and socialize, and accelerated the demand for innovation.

After a year of isolation, 95% of respondents said they had made at least some changes to their lifestyle, and they expected the changes to be permanent.

The new crown compresses the transformation, and the enterprise transforms multiple parts at the same time.

The dawn of “the third space”

The pandemic forces employees to work from home, and many want flexibility in how and where they work. 79% of the respondents would like to work in “third space” occasionally, that is, at home or outside the workplace. More than half of the respondents are willing to pay $100 a month from their pocket to work in a cafe, bar, hotel or other place with special space. This highlights the potential opportunities for revenue growth in the hotel and retail sectors.

The desire to work in the “third space” is accompanied by the change of attitude towards business travel. Half of the respondents (46%) said they had no business travel plans after the new crown pandemic, or they planned to halve their previous business travel. It remains to be seen how long this view can last, but the current survey shows that the return of tourism will mainly be in the recovery of the leisure market, promoting the tourism industry to adapt and become more effective, so as to make up for the loss of income.

The change in consumer habits will continue

Not only do people think that some of their work habits and travel plans may have changed permanently, but many also think that their shopping habits have evolved into long-term ones.

The latest research supports the findings previously released by Accenture that the substantial growth of e-commerce may continue or further accelerate. The proportion of users who used to use e-commerce infrequently (defined as less than 25% of users who used online channels to buy goods before the outbreak) who bought food, home decoration, fashion and luxury goods online has increased by 343% since the outbreak.

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