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82% of consumers think that only themselves and their families can get fitness data From GROUPM

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According to a new study released by GroupM, one in two consumers (54.3%) think it’s important to use the latest technology. In addition, nearly 82% of the respondents believed that they or their family members should be the only people who can obtain health and fitness tracking data.

Research Highlights

1. Attitude towards technology: 54.3% of the respondents agreed with the following view: “it is very important for my family to be equipped with the latest technology.” Men, young people and high-income families are more likely than other groups to “fully agree” with this expression.

2. Information sharing and privacy of health and fitness Trackers: 81.7% of the respondents thought that only themselves or their families could obtain the data. Only 6.9% of the respondents thought that companies manufacturing equipment or software could access it.

3. Virtual reality or augmented reality: the higher the income, the stronger the willingness of consumers to visit museums or foreign cities and other “virtual travel experience”. In general, men of all ages are willing to take “virtual” travel.

4. Smart home appliances: 48% of the respondents agree that they want home appliances to be “automatically ordered and replaced when my related products are used up”.

5.5G Internet devices: 51.5% of the respondents have mobile phones and other devices that can connect to 5g network. Among the population without 5g equipment, 59.6% of middle-aged people (35-54 years old) expect to buy 5g equipment next year, and 45.2% of young people (18-34 years old) hold the same idea.

6. Digital services:

Voice assisted / visual search: 96.1% of respondents use Amazon or apple products to help shopping.

Streaming audio services: the response rate of women was significantly higher than that of men, including YouTube music (49.1% vs. 42.4%), Pandora (53.4% vs. 39.7%) and local online radio (19.6% vs. 15.4%).

Streaming video: 66% of respondents had to watch ads in order to maintain a low streaming service fee.

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