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Whose business does the cosmetics industry do? What are the three iconic characteristics of the industry?

Hegel wrote in Aesthetics: “although the expression of spirit runs through the whole body, it mostly focuses on the facial structure. “Desire for beauty + fear of aging” is the essence of business, and the emotional attribute of cosmetics consumption is high.

In the industrial chain, raw material suppliers, producers, brands, agents, terminal retailers, service providers and consumers play a symbiotic game. The industry presents the following three characteristics:

1) How to occupy consumers’ minds continuously and effectively has become the consensus of industry chain participants, and continuous marketing is essential.

2) With the increase of income, consumers continue to upgrade more high-end brands, and their loyalty to a single brand is poor.

3) The production end is gradually separated from the brand end. The brand is responsible for understanding the mind of users, and the production is responsible for R & D and production landing.

Looking at the present, can cosmetics continue the high landscape? Who can share the dividend under the high landscape?

China’s cosmetics market is gradually transiting from basic skin care to fine skin care + make-up, and from mass market to high-end market. The two trends will continue to promote the prosperity of the industry.

1) From the product side: consumers pay more attention to the product iterative update speed and packaging design novelty, so the brand with strong innovation will benefit.

2) From the perspective of price band, high-end and luxury cosmetics market has occupied half of the country, and the trend of high-end consumption upgrading is gradually clear.

Foreign brands firmly grasp the high-end and luxury market, and it is difficult to shake their position in the short term. Domestic brands are expected to share high-end dividends through the following three paths: one is to act as an agent for international high-end small brands, such as pereal’s cooperation with Spanish anti-aging brand singuladerm; the other is to expand the high-end market with high-end products in a linear manner, such as marubitokyo, which is imported from Japan; Third, we should deeply cultivate high-end fields and form fuzzy competition with high-end brands, such as runbaiyan, baicaoji and maogeping.

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