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How to understand the needs of generation Z? ——”Virtual company” + “fashion beauty”. The consumption characteristics of generation Z are mainly reflected in four aspects. First, generation Z prefers sociality. Generation Z tends to increase its stickiness due to the social attributes attached to its products, so it is easy to accept friends’ recommendation and turn into new users. Second, generation Z accepts high premium, so it is easy to turn into new users Generation is willing to pay a high premium for the “extremely favorite” products, the second-hand market is active, and the joint name and limited amount stimulate the consumption desire; third, generation Z’s consumption ability is temporarily limited by the limited source of income, and prefers the “small amount and many times” consumption mode represented by card extraction and blind box extraction; fourth, generation Z has strong awareness of legal edition, and has strong self-confidence Generations pay more attention to “making friends in circles”, and show respect for authentic products in the choice of consumption platforms and stores. The demand for brand authenticity has existed for a long time. Brand businesses start from the “upstream, midstream and downstream” industrial chain to meet the consumption characteristics of Z generation. The upstream insists on creating the rarity of original products, the midstream pays attention to advertising and pre-sale momentum, and the downstream sets “low price threshold + high expectation marketing rules”. To deconstruct the psychological needs of generation Z, the core is “virtual company” + “trend aesthetic feeling”, and “company economy” develops rapidly. Generation Z prefers “emotional company consumption” to obtain identity; generation Z’s product needs change from functionality to symbolization, and brand personality value becomes the main consumption factor.

How to meet the needs of generation Z? ——”Blind box + second daughter to + Lolita” to the left, “second dimension + dewu”

towards the right. ① Z generation hard core boys: two dimensional game. The two-dimensional game realizes the imagination of Z generation hard core boys to their ideal partner, and satisfies their spiritual sustenance through virtual love interaction experience. Take “Collapse 3” as an example

For example, “crash 3” improves the reality of characters through 3D modeling and voice dubbing, introduces “liking system” to enhance the interactivity of the game and simulate the real love experience. ② Z generation hard core girl: B girl to plot game. Generation Z girls are eager to get love experience in the game of “high face value + charming voice”

Male owners meet the needs of virtual company. Multiple human settings endow men with personality, and “Online + offline” two-way interaction gives Z generation hard core girls immersive experience. ③ Blind box Economy: “cute style” directly hits girls’ aesthetic, low unit price conforms to Z generation’s “small amount and many times” payment habit, “social + fast consumption” attribute meets Z generation’s pursuit of “scarcity + Fashion Beauty”. Take bubble Mart as an example. Bubble Mart puts the frequency of blind control box on the shelves to create a scarcity effect. The hidden money design meets consumers’ desire for collection and gambling. The official trendy play community “fun” improves stickiness and feeds back IP. The second-hand transaction premium is as high as dozens of times. ④ Clothing circle:

The original design of “Hanfu + JK + Lolita” shows the beauty of scarcity, meets the personality display psychology of generation Z hardcore girls, and the interest circle brings identity and sense of belonging to hardcore fans. The consumption of trendy clothes by non hardcore girls is mostly driven by social interaction. Lolita, JK and other fashion manufacturers strengthen their awareness of copyright in each link of the industrial chain, and each brand has been labeled with different grades and grades. ⑤ Dewu: the commercial barrier of dewu app is achieved by years of traffic accumulation and guaranteed authentic product identification, which is in line with the positioning of Z generation trend online shopping community. Hard core fashion shoe fans are keen to pursue rare and unique styles, and highly support authentic products. Most of the non hard core fashion shoe fans follow the crowd and show off their social needs. Dewu started from trendy community, deeply bound to senior KOL, and the operation mechanism of “strong central platform quality control + class bidding trading mode” escorts the genuine trading.

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