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Demand for “virtual studio” has increased by 90% since the popularity of hubris From Window

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Videstream’s survey found that a historical analysis of the keyword “virtual studios” showed a 90% year-on-year increase in search volume since March 2020.

From March to December 2019, Google searched “virtual studio” a total of 69300 times. Over the same period in 2020, the number grew by 90% to 132300.

From a personal point of view, the keyword “virtual studio” increased by 90% year on year, still far higher than the historical average.

Some key words increased significantly, including the year-on-year growth of 190% for “virtual editing room”, “virtual scene design” and “3D virtual scene”.

The rapid growth of virtual studio, just like the pandemic, is a worldwide phenomenon, but there are five countries accounting for almost 35% of the demand, of which the search volume from the United States only accounts for about 11% of the total.

The United States, India, Japan, Brazil and Germany are the largest markets, accounting for 35% of “virtual studio” searches (March to December 2020).

The new crown pandemic means that broadcasters must create a safer working environment “The new crown pandemic means that broadcasters have to create a safer working environment for talent, and virtual studios can help achieve that,” said Mike Phillipson, chief operating officer of.

A broader group, not just a “virtual studio” for opinion leaders

Mike added: “we’ve seen the new crown speed up the action, and a broader group, not just opinion leaders, has now accepted it because they have to focus on telecommuting and therefore have to adapt to it.”

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