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Forecast of global FMCG market in 2021 From CTR

The following is the Forecast of global FMCG market in 2021 From CTR recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: CTR, Consumer research.

When we enter 2021, we will find that some countries / regions are back to the initial stage of the epidemic, and some places have been temporarily relieved.

In its latest report, the Kaidu consumer index collects ten insights to re-examine some of the important trends discussed earlier. For example, we have studied the impact of the growth of FMCG on a global scale; the acceleration of regional e-commerce; which industries, categories, manufacturers and brands perform best; and how the epidemic will affect actual purchasing behavior.

Some insights show how COVID-19 affected consumer purchases in 2020, and the Kay consumer index also predicts how it will impact in 2021.

01. Expectation

By the end of the first quarter of 2021, FMCG will grow by 10%, but double-digit growth is unlikely to follow.

02. E-commerce

The e-commerce share of FMCG will reach 12% by the end of the first quarter, which is equivalent to accelerating the share growth of two years in one year. However, looking only at Europe, e-commerce will account for 9% of FMCG sales, making it the fastest retail trend of the year.

03. Fast, slow

During the epidemic period, the health and beauty market experienced the fastest growth (2019) to the slowest development. For food, the opposite is true (excluding food consumed outdoors).

04, more, less

Consumers around the world shop less frequently, but spend more each time. Once again, the most dramatic change has taken place in the buying behavior of European consumers.

Report, report, complete report

Remarks: Europe includes Britain and Spain, Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Central America and Mexico, Asia including Chinese mainland, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

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