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It’s been a while since the initial hit of the pandemic, so Cisco has evaluated its impact.

Outlook: beyond business continuity

We should reflect on what we have learned in the past few months. For example, many companies have business continuity plans that don’t take into account the duration and breadth of the pandemic. We have to be able to scale from traditional business plans and unexpected disruptions to business continuity and adaptability.

Network: anchor in the storm

Even if the corporate network is in good shape, the pandemic can still serve as a catalyst to help everyone rethink their strategy. It’s not always pleasant and we should admit that it’s not going to happen more frequently. This means that there are new requirements for the enterprise network to be able to provide agility for the organization so that it can not only rebound, but also seize new opportunities, pursue new markets, enable new services and support new business models.

Five trends to prepare for the next major disruption

In the report, Cisco explored five network strategies to support business resilience:

Trend one: secure remote access. After the pandemic, the number of employees working from home averaged 4.7 times as many as before.

Trend 2: trustworthy smart workplace. Insight and social network density (38%) are reporting distance to the office to ensure safety.

Trend 3: multiple cloud networks. The priority of cloud based security reflects the importance of remote security access to cloud applications.

Trend 4: network automation. Network automation is becoming more and more important in the short term.

Trend 5: artificial intelligence support.

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