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In January 2021, 42% of investors’ trust in the stock market declined From Investopedia

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The results of the survey at the end of January 2021 showed that 25% of the respondents had bought one or more booming stocks in the previous week, hoping to make some money through fast trading.

Still, the fierce rally between day traders, hedge funds and online trading platforms such as Robin Hood has eroded the trust of some investors. 42% of respondents said they had less trust in the stock market than they did six months ago.

Brokers rebound

When people lose trust in the stock market, they are also disappointed with the online trading platform. These platforms limit the ability of traders to buy some widely traded stocks in the past two weeks. In the past few days, Robin Hood has received a lot of negative comments as members of the Wall Street bets Forum on reddit and traders on other social media platforms criticized the company and its chief executive for limiting their trading ability.

62% of readers agree that online brokers should not be allowed to restrict trading during fluctuations, while less than 25% think they should.

Still optimistic

Although trust may be shaken, people are still optimistic. The survey shows that most readers are still optimistic about the future return of the stock market and do not intend to make a major adjustment to the portfolio. 41% of the respondents said they were “a little worried” and 27% said they were “not worried at all”

A quarter of respondents admitted that they had taken a chance on some volatile stocks in the past week. 11% of respondents chose AMC entertainment, followed by Gamestop and Nokia.

It is worth noting that this is equivalent to the proportion of respondents who often report buying popular products such as apple, Microsoft and Tesla, indicating that the buying boom in late January had a considerable impact on trading behavior.

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