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1. In 2021, there are three variables in the media Internet industry: users, content and consumption. The media Internet industry benefits from the development of communication technology and hardware, and fully enjoys the content and application changes from 3G to 4G Internet to mobile Internet. At the same time, the media Internet industry is a typical optional consumption. With China’s per capita GDP exceeding 3000 US dollars in 2008, the proportion of cultural consumption in household consumption expenditure has increased rapidly. In 2021, the three variables affecting the media and Internet industry will be: intergenerational changes of users, content production in the digital process, and the rise of new consumption.

2. New users: from users to consumers, the rising core power of consumption upgrading, the number of Z generation population in China is 263 million, with the passage of time, 263 million Z generation population will enter the society one by one and become the main consumer group. The growth of generation Z is accompanied by the development of mobile Internet. They have deep use of mobile Internet, which has become the most distinctive background in the growth process of people in the Z era, bringing more personality and unique consumption psychology and entertainment habits of generation Z. They pay more attention to new products and unique experiences, are more willing to pay for content, and also have a stronger desire to socialize and express; in generation Z, the secondary meta culture gradually moves from the small circle layer to the popularization.

In addition, there are 230 million new middle class people in the middle and high consumption level, who pay more attention to the quality of life and high-quality goods, and are willing to pay for their children’s education. Nearly 500 million Z generation and new middle class constitute the core group of media Internet consumption.

3. New content: the digital revolution is changing the content industry

From informatization to digitization, the way of content production, application and distribution is undergoing profound changes: content distribution mode based on personalized recommendation is becoming the mainstream form of content consumption; content production of text, audio, image and other forms is becoming more intelligent based on deep learning, data mining and other technologies; 5g Under the technology, it also makes the application and development of cloud games, Ultra HD video and cloud VR / AR possible. Based on this, we are optimistic about the following contents:

1) tiktok: short video becomes the third language of the mobile Internet world. Besides the Kwai and the two APP of the fastest hand, it also integrates with other electronic business, digital reading, and becomes the general technical language of the industry. We hope to have the Kwai TSE’s submission to the HKEx and the lead of the short video industry bytes. 2) long video: providing a deep emotional experience that is completely different from the short video. Long episodes become shorter to improve narrative efficiency; short videos become longer to carry more valuable content. We are optimistic about mango hypermedia; 3) games: the top-quality content is fully recognized by users and business value; channel diversification brings more development space for the top-quality content, and the development of the industry has entered a deep stage. We are optimistic about the perfect world, 37 mutual entertainment, gibbet and zhangqu technology. 4) Film: the epidemic situation has accelerated the two-level differentiation of the industry’s content structure, and the offline cinema is still the most effective channel for large-scale production; the animation film track has gradually matured in China, and the audience’s acceptance of diversified content has continuously improved. We are optimistic about the three leading companies of cinema, content production and online ticketing: Wanda film, light media and cat’s eye entertainment.

5) Read for free: users sink + products are diversified, the industry is still in the expansion period in 2021; the realization efficiency of head companies is accelerating. We are optimistic about the improvement of cash flow efficiency of ZhangYue technology under the blessing of byte beating; we are optimistic about the industry leader Yuewen group.

4. New consumption: huge track, new trend + experience, rapid rise of new consumer brands, large amount of financing for new consumer brands, and strong demand for rapid establishment of market awareness. Strong exposure, high interactive building media advertising scene and live e-commerce scene will benefit significantly.

1) Building media: in 2020, some new consumer brands will detonate and promote their brands through elevator media. This trend is expected to continue in 2021. After obtaining financing, new consumer brands will choose elevator media for centralized launch in order to quickly establish market awareness. With the increasingly fierce competition of online traffic, the cost performance of offline building media is more prominent. We are optimistic about building media leader focus media.

2) Live broadcast and MCN: differentiation is obvious, head KOL traffic shows Matthew effect, the industry is moving towards maturity; good supply chain service providers are worth buying.

In the track of content + consumption experience, we are most optimistic about the trend toys, children’s books, sports and cross-border e-commerce track.

1) Trend toys: the trend toys represented by blind box fully activate the female consumer market, and the track is in a period of rapid growth. Marley is about to become the leader of its IP industry chain, and its core ability to control the growth of its IP chain will continue to be optimistic.

2) Children’s books: typical cultural consumer goods. Compared with developed countries, there is still room for China’s children to own twice as many books per capita. The children’s book track has been growing faster than the industry for many years, and the channel and distribution ability have become the key to improve the market share of children’s book companies. CITIC publishing, a two wheel drive company, is optimistic about content + channel distribution capability.

3) Sports consumption: 2021-2021 will usher in the big year of sports events, and the marketization process of sports industry will continue. We are optimistic about the performing arts activities of many events, and the producers are also optimistic about the culture.

4) Cross border e-commerce: in the post epidemic period, the online shopping habits continuously cultivated by overseas users are superimposed with the blessing of China’s high-quality supply chain. We are optimistic about the innovation of Anke, the leader of cross-border e-commerce.

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