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The cowid-19 crisis in 2020 has become a major event in this era. A former U.S. Treasury Secretary and current Harvard professor wrote in the financial times that the cowid-19 crisis will be a major historical event in today’s world, along with the assassination of Francis Ferdinand in 1914, the stock market crash in 1929 and the Munich conference in 1938.

Covid-19 not only affects every level of society and every field of the whole society, but also has a long-term and far-reaching chain reaction.

Working is particularly interested in how the work world is affected and has conducted a survey to try to understand what happened during the crisis.

The survey results mainly include the following contents:

During the period of covid-19, 62.6% of the employees worked remotely.

Only 6.2% had no plan to deal with the crisis.

71.1% of respondents said that teleworking and distributed teams will be major changes in the future.

Remote recruitment, induction and training are the main challenges to fill vacancies.

In post crisis recruitment, the participation, entry and evaluation of candidates are expected to be the main challenges.

In the post-covid-19 era, adaptability, resilience and self motivation will be the most valuable characteristics of employees.

In the telework environment, the engagement and enthusiasm of individual employees are the main problems, 73.2% of the respondents think so.

81.8% of the respondents said that telecommuting and flexibility / work life balance are more important for future job seekers.

69.6% of the educated said that although they were behind other industries in technical preparation, they did not need to participate in the work in person.

For senior executives, productivity is a bigger issue, and engagement is the top consideration for entry-level / mid-level employees.

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