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One third of global consumers feel they can’t keep up with the pace of technological change From YouGov

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As a world leader recently said, the speed of technological change will never be slower than it is now, and YouGov’s study of 17 countries and regions shows that some consumers already feel backward.

About a third of the respondents said they felt unable to keep up with the pace of changes in the technology sector, and about a quarter of consumers disagreed.

In Mexico, consumers feel particularly backward, with 45% of adults saying they can’t keep up with changes in consumer technology. Respondents from India (44%) and the United Arab Emirates (43%) felt the same way.

Respondents in Germany (29%), the UK (26%) and the US (26%) were the least likely to feel backward.

As more consumer goods in our lives become “smart,” marketers must keep in mind these potentially forgotten feelings. Columbia Business School recently carried out a study specifically around self shopping tools, suggesting that marketers describe self technology as “people-oriented and individual centered” to help consumers overcome any barriers to adoption.

By looking at all age groups, it is found that even some young consumers feel excluded. Compared with other age groups, consumers aged 35-54 are the least likely to feel backward.

Our study also showed slight gender differences. Among men, 33% think they can’t keep up with technological changes, while 36% of women think they can’t keep up with technological changes.

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