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The way of balance, to be a master of carrying water for family and self From Women’s consumption under big data

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“I remember that my mother was a middle-aged woman. So I always forget that my mother used to be a blooming girl. She’s not just my mother, she’s herself. ” Jingdong big data Research Institute released a report on women’s consumption, which reveals the trend and change of women’s consumption from a more comprehensive and multidimensional perspective when “her Festival” is coming. The report found that the growth of female users has fully overtaken that of men, especially in the sinking market; women are absolutely the main force of “family consumption”; consumption themes such as “I love my family” and “becoming beautiful and beautiful” are more favored by them; but taking care of the family does not mean losing themselves, and women are more popular There is a balance between “family type” consumption and “happy self type” consumption, and the proportion of “happy self type” consumption is higher and higher. Women are not only mothers and wives, but also themselves!

Go back to bring “a new life” to Mom

If you can go back to your mother’s youth, what gift would you like to bring back to your mother? Jingdong big data Research Institute launched a survey on female users through Beijing insight. The answers of “Jia Xiaoling” are the same as the movie “Hello, Li Huanying”, which brings “a new life” to mom! Among them, there are those who directly bring hard currency back, such as “money”, “bitcoin” and “gold”; there are those who bring back “wealth information”, such as “hurry to buy a house”, “Maotai stock” and “welfare lottery”; there are also gifts that make my mother beautiful, such as “Jade Pendant” and “pearl necklace”; there are also gifts that make up for regret, “take my mother on a trip” and “take my mother on a trip” “Listen to Mom”, “money for mom to go to school”, “healthy body”; more practical gifts, such as “electric oven”, “washing machine” “My mother will enjoy my happiness soon” is the most simple expectation of all daughters in the world.

So what is the most anticipated gift for children? According to a small survey of female users of Beijing insight, 72% of mothers choose “if you are safe, it will be sunny”. “My future daughter, I will let her be healthy and happy”, which is the most resonant answer of mothers.

For the “other half”, most female users have more substantial expectations for gifts. Less than 1 / 3 of female users choose “if you are safe, it will be sunny”. Nearly 40% of female users expect “house, car” and “jewelry” as gifts. 10% of female users also expect “computer / mobile digital” as gifts. Come on, men!

Jingdong big data Research Institute & jinginsight’s “female user survey” focuses on the consumption trend and preference of women with mother and daughter as the main line. The results reflect the sincere feelings between mother and daughter, two important female roles.

Women’s consumption enthusiasm continues to release, and women in the market prefer products “worthy of their mother’s trust”

According to the big data of Jingdong, the proportion of female users in Jingdong will increase year by year from 2018 to 2020. In 2020, the growth rate of female users is much higher than that of male users in all city lines. The more the market sinks, the greater the gap between the growth rate of female and male users. Female users in the sinking market have become the largest incremental source of Internet retail.

In terms of the proportion of category consumption, female users in the sinking market prefer to buy products of “zero tolerance for quality problems” type online, such as mother and baby and large household appliances. They recognize that the guarantee of Jingdong channel for genuine goods and the stability of after-sales service are “trustworthy”.

One meat, one vegetable, one peck, one drink, “old mother” loves the delicious food on the tip of the tongue

In 2020, from the perspective of the whole online retail market, there will be a strong growth of the young generation, middle-aged and elderly people, especially among female users. Houlang and Yinfa people will gradually release their consumption potential.

In 2020, the main force of online shopping for female users will still be 26-45 years old, while the proportion of 16-25 years old and above 46 years old will continue to increase, and the age distribution of female users will be more uniform.

In terms of the proportion of consumption amount, female users aged 46-55 and over 56 are the main consumers of food and beverage, fresh food and cooking utensils. One meat, one vegetable, one Peck and one drink, “old mother” uses barbecue, cooking, frying The taste is deeply embedded in the child’s memory.

“Thirty just” attaches great importance to education and training, and continues to learn to improve themselves

Compared with male users, consumer themes such as “I love my home” and “becoming beautiful” are more preferred by female users. In addition, female users prefer “self-improvement” consumption, such as education and training, books, toys and musical instruments. In 2020, female users will buy 8.1 books per capita, which is higher than that of male users, and more women will moisten their hearts with the fragrance of books!

Among them, women who are only 30 have the highest learning enthusiasm. According to the big data of Jingdong, women aged 26-35 prefer toys and musical instruments the most, while women aged 36-45 prefer books and education and training the most.

Family or self? Every woman is a master of Tuotuo

In terms of consumption amount and TGI index, women are definitely the main force of “family consumption”. The top 10 categories of female consumption amount are household appliances, computer / office, mobile communication, mother and baby, food and beverage, beauty and skin care, health care, fresh food, clothing and underwear and digital.

Give up self for family? According to the big data of Jingdong, women are equal in a bowl of water between family and self, and the consumption of “family type” and “self pleasing type” is 50% and 50% respectively, which is a proper water carrying master; while the ratio of men is 4:6, which maintains the historical tradition of “men dominate the outside and women dominate the inside”. However, it is gratifying that the proportion of women in family consumption is decreasing year by year, and the proportion of “self satisfied” consumption is higher and higher. Women are not only mothers and wives, but also themselves!

The above female user survey and consumption data provide us with a description of women’s consumption behaviors and preferences, which reveals the multiple social roles they play and the dual responsibilities of career and family. On the occasion of March 8, we would like to express our gratitude to the majority of women. In the process of pursuing a better life and becoming a better self, their consumption will be more distinctive and personalized. We are full of expectations. Read more: 36kr: Report on the consumption trend of young married women with “light luxury, simple and quality life” (attached with download) Jingdong: report on the consumption trend of women in 2020 (attached with download) cbndata: report on big data of 45 years old women’s consumption in mainland China (attached with download) iResearch: insight into the upgrading trend of women’s consumption in 2017 tiga: British men spend an average of 25 pounds a week on impulse shopping Six pounds higher than women Financial Times: Chinese women are more likely to “establish roles” and “gain recognition” through consumption. Nearly half of Japanese people no longer discriminate against cosmetic surgery. 10% of women have cosmetic surgery experience, medical fashion | beauty becomes an investment opportunity in the face revolution of productivity. How can women earn money? Cosmetics e-commerce practice from supermarket to e-commerce, cosmetics distribution channels are changing. Research shows that the younger generation in Australia prefer to shop in physical stores. Groupon think tank: media and consumption evolution logic of post-95 generation: defining the trend of generation Z and millennials in Southeast Asia. WiFi pix: 2020 “small town” youth consumption characteristics deconstruction white paper (attached with download) Ipsos: new consumption of post-90 generation Taste preference and consumption preference of tea drinkers (download attached)

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