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In recent years, with the rapid development of the new generation of information technology represented by big data and artificial intelligence, digital economy has become an important engine to lead the global economic and social change and promote the high-quality development of China’s economy. At the end of 2020, the central economic work conference, the government work report of the two sessions and the 14th five year plan all put forward the policy deployment for the development of digital economy. We believe that “accelerating digital development and building digital China” is not only the goal of government policy, but also the inevitable direction of China’s economic structure and industrial structure transformation. It also contains imaginative investment space and opportunities.

Definition and connotation framework of digital economy

At present, there is no clear and accepted definition of digital economy in academic circles. In general, we believe that the digital economy at least includes the following characteristics: 1) the development of digital economy is based on data as the most basic production factors, mainly relying on information and communication technology (ICT), emphasizing the digital information drive in the economy; 2) the digital economy usually includes three aspects from the bottom up: the underlying technology supporting the digital economy, and the industries directly related to digital technology And the application of digital technology to other traditional industries. 3) With the development of economic society and information technology, the boundary of digital economy is constantly changing and expanding.

We define the research framework of digital economy from three aspects: production function, industry classification and economic sector. From the perspective of production function, the research of digital economy mainly focuses on production technology, production relations and production factors; from the perspective of industrial classification, the research of digital economy is mainly divided into two categories: one is the industry directly related to information and communication itself, namely digital industrialization; the other is the integration of various traditional industries and digital technology, namely industrial digitization. From the perspective of economic sector, the research of digital economy covers the integration and application of digital technology in enterprise sector, resident sector, financial sector and government sector.

The development of global digital economy

From the perspective of the scale of digital economy, 1) there is no universally accepted method to measure the scale of digital economy in the world, and the results of different institutions vary greatly. 2) The absolute scale of China’s digital economy is in the leading position in the world, but the proportion of GDP is not high, which reflects the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development. 3) China’s digital economy is growing rapidly, and the direction of industrial policy shows that the high growth of China’s digital economy will continue.

From the perspective of digital economy development index, there are many different dimensions of digital economy indicators to measure the development of digital economy in different regions. The general conclusions are as follows: 1) the digital economy of developed economies has a high degree of development; 2) China’s ranking in the world is not high, which may be affected by per capita indicators, which also means that China still has a huge space for development. Third, the development of digital economy in different regions of China is not balanced. The size and depth of digital economy in relatively developed regions are better than those in less developed regions.

From the perspective of national strategy of digital economy, up to now, almost all OECD member countries have formulated national digital development strategy; and in recent years, digital transformation policy has shown some new trends: first, national digital strategy is more and more coordinated by the highest level of the government; second, the attention to data resources and digital security innovation has been increased; third, human resource management has become a new trend The novel coronavirus pneumonia (AI), block chain and quantum computation are being paid more and more attention by the government. Four, a series of policies and measures to deal with the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the digital economic field have been implemented.

How does digital economy promote economic growth

As a new economic form based on new production factors, using emerging technologies and creating new business models, digital economy can effectively promote economic growth. From the micro point of view, the benefits of digital economy to enterprise operation can be attributed to the reduction of cost, which can be summarized as economies of scale, economies of scope and long tail effects; from the medium point of view, the promotion of digital economy to industrial development is mainly reflected in three aspects: Industrial innovation effect, industrial integration effect and industrial correlation effect, which ultimately promote industrial development From the macro point of view, digital economy can promote the growth of macro economy by increasing the number of production factors, changing the form of output function and improving the level of total factor productivity.

Overseas investment focus of digital economy from global trend

In the development of digital economy, all countries have the strategic need to “strengthen the advantages and make up for the shortcomings”, which is also the future development trend of digital economy in all countries. We believe that the following points should be considered in the global distribution of digital economy industry investment: for the United States, due to the complexity of Sino US relations and the containment measures of the United States, we need to be alert to the risks of digital economy investment. For the EU, the first is to increase investment in the EU’s advanced hardware equipment and precision instrument industry; the second is to cooperate with local enterprises in the development and operation of digital development in related fields, so as to provide local first mover experience. For Japan and South Korea, investment should focus on the field of electronic manufacturing, and cooperation can also be carried out in the development and rule making of industrial digitization and digital economy. For developing economies, consider the important market of digital economy for development, and cooperate with local governments and enterprises to cultivate local digital economy related industries.

On the main line of China’s investment in digital economy from the perspective of the 14th five year plan

The investment in the field of digital economy covers a wide range, including many sub fields. From the industrial policy layout of the 14th five year plan, we can roughly sort out several main investment lines in the field of digital economy in the next five years

First, the innovative application of digital technology: 1) high-end chips, operating systems, artificial intelligence key algorithms, sensors, etc.; 2) integrated research and development of general-purpose processors, cloud computing systems and software core technologies; 3) frontier technologies such as quantum computing, quantum communication, neural chips, DNA storage, and interdisciplinary innovation of information science, life science, materials and other basic disciplines.

Second, the development of digital industrialization. 1) Artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, network security and other emerging digital industries, as well as related communication equipment, core electronic components, key software and other industries; 2) 5g construction and application, pilot intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, intelligent energy, intelligent medical and other key fields; 3) third party big data service industry; 4) sharing economy and platform economy.

Third, industry digital transformation. 1) Industrial Internet and digital transformation promote the center construction, personalized customization, flexible manufacturing and other new models. 2) 3) crowdsourcing, new retail services.

Fourth, digital infrastructure construction. 1) 5g communication and data storage and processing infrastructure; 2) urban and rural digital infrastructure construction, Internet of things perception facilities, communication system, etc. 3) Urban and rural information management service platform, big data center.

Fifth, data security and network security services. 1) Network security infrastructure construction; 2) artificial intelligence security technology innovation.

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