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2020 has passed. Do you want to know what you have done with Baidu network disk this year? Today, Baidu network disk launched the 2020 annual report, according to the user’s use of Baidu network disk in 2020, the results are automatically generated through the algorithm. In the report, first shows the date of your first membership and the current membership level.

Next is the current space size, usage size, utilization rate, upload / transfer / download file times, cloud decompression times and other private data.

At the end of the report, will give you the title of 2020, including space talent, aspiring youth, Buddhist youth, workaholic, treasure youth, cloud youth and so on.

It should be noted that the results may deviate from the actual situation, Baidu network disk does not guarantee the accuracy and validity of the relevant data. Of course, it has certain reference significance.

At the end of November last year, Baidu network disk released the eighth anniversary data report, and the total amount of user data storage has exceeded 100 billion GB, which has maintained an annual growth of more than 60% since its formal operation in 2012.

In 2020, the per capita data storage capacity of Baidu network disk will exceed 200GB, among which the post-95s can be called “cloud youth”, with an average data storage capacity of more than 1TB, far ahead of other age groups.

In September last year, baidu online disk launched version 11.0, accelerating the transformation and upgrading to personal cloud service platform, introducing more third-party services in addition to basic self built services such as data transmission and storage, and constantly expanding the boundaries of personal cloud services.

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