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Annual insight into China’s fresh e-commerce market in 2021 From Yiguan

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In 2020, driven by epidemic situation, policy, capital and other factors, China’s fresh e-commerce market will develop rapidly. Comprehensive e-commerce helps agricultural products go up, community group buying quickly penetrates into the sinking market, vertical fresh platform development accelerates, offline businesses actively carry out online, etc., which makes the fresh e-commerce B2C market transaction scale grow significantly year-on-year and break through trillion for the first time in 2020. At the same time, all fresh food manufacturers actively break through the core difficulties of fresh retail, such as user experience, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and replication expansion, and constantly improve their competitiveness. However, due to the vast fresh retail market, complex demand and numerous formats, it is expected that the white hot competition among fresh e-commerce enterprises and modes will continue in the future, and the market penetration is expected to be further improved.

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