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Comments on shenzang: still laughing at Panzi? Hasty! Pan Changjiang’s live broadcast with goods China’s gold sales exceed 18 million

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The first time I heard the media say pan Zi, I thought it was the iron man pan Zi respected by the third young master in the tomb theft notes.

It turns out that it’s not the people’s artist, teacher Pan Changjiang. The origin of the matter, pan GA’s turn.

Pan GA’s friendship originated from Pan Changjiang’s persuasion to Xie Mengwei, the actor of Gazi, on the live broadcast of liquor sales.

In the live webcast, Pan Changjiang told Gazi’s actor Xie Mengwei: “everything on the Internet is virtual. I’m afraid you can’t grasp it, son, because the water here is very deep…”

The actor, Xie Mengwei, said that he would not be engaged in liquor sales.

Later Netizens found that Pan Changjiang also started the live delivery of liquor products. Netizens ridiculed him as “the friend of Pan Ga”. There are also some examples, such as “pan is better than GA because of GA”, “pan chengga industry”, “the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, the friendship between pan and GA is mixed with water” and so on.

Recently, Pan Changjiang and pan Zi have been ridiculed one after another, which is regarded as a typical example of old artists’ rollover. The media also followed suit. But the audience and the media are still too young, too simple. According to China tiktok’s latest data, Pan Changjiang’s -4 gold belt with gold sales exceeded 18 million in April 12th, 25 days after the two days’ live broadcast of the two notes. In the tiktok KOL live TOP20, the ninth place. Two live shows in two weeks, with a total cargo of 51.145 million.

Pan Changjiang’s achievements in bringing goods are not old. I’m afraid it’s the multimedia that overturned the car. He who laughs at others will be laughed at.

Live with goods, selection is the key, improper selection, rollover are everywhere, famous crosstalk actor Luo teacher is not immune. But it is undeniable that some of the anchor’s strength with goods can not be underestimated.

In the proportion of two tiktok, jewelry and accessories accounted for second of the total live goods, 11.49%. Men’s clothing and women’s clothing accounted for 34.96% of the total. In the next step, Mr. Pan should think more about the first category, which is expected to create more achievements.

For the practitioners of live e-commerce, they should look at more data and reports, and see the essence through the phenomenon. The industry gossip, happy, happy.

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