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Forecast of shopping revolution in 2021 From CRResearch

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A general trend forecast for 2021 is that we will have to increasingly “cut off middlemen” and buy goods directly from creators, including social e-commerce and shopping TV.

Social e-commerce: refers to the function of purchasing through social media applications. According to the recommendation of the favorite opinion leader, the member link sends the shopper to the third party website. Followers of opinion leaders can now support them by purchasing goods directly from instagram, tiktok or other preferred platforms.

Shopping TV: refers to the purchase of recommended products in favorite entertainment programs through applications.


According to some estimates, the new crown pandemic has accelerated the popularity of payment methods, otherwise, some payment methods will take 5 to 10 years to be firmly established. Two of the biggest are social payment and pay as you go (bnpl)

Social payment: using paypal and venmo to transfer money between friends and relatives has been popular for many years. However, retailers are increasingly allowing customers to use these sites for payment, including CVs, the first major retail adopter of this trend.

Buy now, pay later (bnpl) has quietly become a common phenomenon of online shopping. Bnpl allows consumers to receive goods and services in advance and then make a series of payments to repay them without having to pay as much interest as a credit card. Although bnpl currently accounts for only 5% of payments, it is expected that bnpl will double or even triple by 2021, causing significant disruption to the credit card industry.


It is expected that new ways for consumers to receive products will continue to develop in 2021, especially on-demand manufacturing and potential autonomous delivery.

On demand manufacturing: another trend, which is not new in itself, especially for websites that allow creators to sell products directly to customers, such as Etsy or redbubble.

Automatic delivery: the theory behind this trend is that during the pandemic, the increasing demand for home shopping and fast and safe delivery may eventually make automatic driving and UAV delivery a widespread lifestyle in 2021.

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