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Research on key enterprises From 2021 China social e-commerce industry development report

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In 2020, the innovation of social e-commerce in China’s e-commerce field has entered the tenth year. After ten years of continuous exploration, trial, development and error correction, social e-commerce has made full efforts and become an integral part of China’s e-commerce field. In 2020, the overall scale of social e-commerce will reach 3.7 trillion yuan, the number of consumers will approach 700 million, the number of employees will exceed 70 million, and the integration of tradition and innovation will approach 70%.

Under the special background of “COVID-19” in 2020, we think it is necessary to conduct a single in-depth study of e-commerce brand business and social consumers. Reflect on the consumption environment and market status from the perspective of consumers, define the channel positioning and innovative operation from the perspective of brand businesses, and study and judge from the dual dimensions of traditional e-commerce and social e-commerce, so as to explore better ways to serve consumers and provide strategic support for the development of brand businesses.

Starting from September 2020, the social e-commerce working group of China Internet association, together with Chuangqi social e-commerce research center, has conducted in-depth investigation and Research on Chinese e-commerce brand merchants and social e-commerce consumers, and written this report, hoping to help the industry development and readers.

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