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The new retail mode based on community is developing rapidly and has already taken shape

Community group buying is a kind of shopping and consumption mode that takes the residents’ community as the unit, carries out group purchase sales with the help of Internet, and takes delivery of goods in the community and provides daily necessities and life services for community residents. Community group buying usually recruits a team leader in a community and is responsible for the group buying of residents in the community. Generally speaking, community group buying products are fresh products with rigid demand and high frequency. As a kind of fresh retail mode, the development history of community group buying is not long, but the development speed is fast. Since 2020, various companies have been competing for layout, and capital has begun to enter the track intensively. At present, community group buying has begun to take shape.

Innovative marketing channels

Community group buying is a business model with innovative channels and marketing. The innovation points mainly include three points: leader system, centralized collection and distribution system and pre-sale system. These three points bring three cost reduction: flow cost, performance cost and fresh loss. As the community group purchase products are similar to pinduoduo, the source of goods includes tail goods and unsalable fresh products, so the overall product price is lower than other fresh retail, so it is more suitable for price sensitive customers and suitable for promotion and replication of lower level cities.

The key points of future development are team leader / flow, property and supply chain

Looking forward to the future, we think that the key points of the future development of community group buying are: head and local push / flow, property and supply chain. In the early stage, the flow gathering relies on the head of the company, while in the medium term, it relies on the service, training and management of the head or the platform of the head’s private flow. The supply chain with high efficiency in the medium and long-term market competition is the moat. In addition, the cooperation with the property management company in the mid and late stage of market entry is worthy of attention, and the role of the head of the company may be weakened in the end.

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