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Top 10 reasons for resale: wife won’t let her From Idle fish

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Three years! There are more and more “aggrieved husbands” on idle fish. On April 14, Xianyu announced ten reasons for resale. From 2018 to now, “wife won’t let” has always been at the top of the list. For example, “my wife won’t let me go fishing. If I go fishing again, my wife will take my children back to my mother ‘ The lines are full of grievances.

What does the wife refuse to do? The reporter learned that in the “wife does not let” as the keyword of leisure fish goods, most of them are game machines, hand-made models and fishing tools, which are jokingly known as “wife does not let three big things”.

As early as 2019, there were 970000 people waiting for their husbands’ tearful babies; this year, the number has become 1.63 million. Among them, the men who bought these treasures accounted for the vast majority. As a result, generations of “idle fish husband” heart meat, in the idle fish on the completion of the cycle.

But this year, what is unique is that “my husband won’t let me” also made it into the top ten for the first time. However, most of them are similar to “pregnant, husband does not let use cosmetics” such concern.

In addition to keeping a good heart, there are also uncertain new talents. “Can’t learn” is also a popular reason to resell idle fish. What can’t Chinese learn? Leisure fish data show that guitar, skateboard and make-up are the hardest hit areas that “can’t learn”.

Previously, the famous talk show actor fawn once said: “the commodity list of idle fish is the crematorium of broken dreams.” This year’s new reasons for resale are “fund loss”. Since the new year, due to the fluctuation of the fund market, 200000 people have flocked to idle fish to sell idle items every week in March. The format of the content is mostly “fund loss, tearful transfer XX”. Among the items resold are “bracelets that have been sold for many years”, “a watch handed down by my grandfather” and “my mother’s radio in her college days”.

To this end, Xianyu wrote a letter to advise users to calm down: Mo Yan easily hang Xianyu, beware of selling precious memories on impulse.

The reasons for resale published by Xianyu every year are very vivid, reflecting the real life situation of users. This fresh reason for resale has also formed a unique “idle fish body”.

Some netizens exclaim that idle fish is the largest literature website in China. The family ethics literature represented by “wife does not let me”, the romantic love literature represented by “ex sent” and the realistic literature represented by “fund lost” are all the enduring themes of idle fish.

However, Xiaoer, an idle fish operator, said that the literary and storytelling description really helps to change hands of goods, but did not recommend that users exaggerate.

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