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In 2020, Americans will spend an hour and a half a day listening to digital audio content From eMarketer

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In the early days of the pandemic, digital audio suffered greatly in terms of user participation, but the audience’s time spent on the media did not decrease. However, the performance of digital audio was quite different in the following time. Emarketer finally set the time for American adults to use digital audio as 1 hour and 29 minutes in 2020.

The initial decline is due to the strong growth of digital audio in recent years and the massive loss of commuting time in 2020, which is the main driving force for the popularization of digital audio.

In the early days of the pandemic, people stayed at home, initially spending a lot of time turning to traditional TV and social media, and then quickly to various forms of digital video and games. With the passage of time, great changes have taken place in people’s behavior, and consumers have begun to indulge in digital audio.

Audiences develop new habits and preferences when they work at home and go to school. Apps like spotify and Pandora report an increase in their use of smart speakers and smart TVs at unusual times of the day, for example, when weekdays start to approach weekend usage. Podcasts have also seen an unexpected surge, as long audio can be easily heard at any time of the day.

Emarketer estimates that last year, digital audio accounted for 11.0% of the daily media usage of American adults, and by 2021, it will account for 11.7%, that is, one hour and 34 minutes a day. In 2020, the active audience will spend two hours and five minutes a day listening to digital audio, and this group is expected to add another five minutes this year. Last year, at least 70% of U.S. adults heard digital audio content every month, 91.7% of them on mobile devices.

It is worth noting that 2021 will be an important milestone between traditional broadcasting and digital audio. 50.8% of the total time American adults listen to audio will come from digital services. This will be the first time that digital audio has surpassed traditional broadcasting. Read more: emarketer: Pandora audience in the U.S. will exceed 72 million in 2019 IAB: online audio buyer’s guide in 2019 2.0emarketer: Disney + U.S. revenue will exceed $4 billion in 2022 emarketer: more video streaming options will not change consumer behavior average VOD subscription will remain stable emarketer: spotify audience will reach 75.9 million in 2020 emarketer: tiktok in 2021 More than 50 million users in China College students think snapchat is better than Facebook in privacy protection

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