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Netflix’s top 10 worst movies in 2020 From Variety show

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The following is the Netflix’s top 10 worst movies in 2020 From Variety show recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Entertainment software.

Foreign media “variety” website selected the top ten rotten films in 2020, which are composed of five rotten films selected by two editors. Robert Downey Jr.’s “the adventures of Doris” and Disney’s “the adventures of Artemis” are the most famous, and several Netflix films have been shortlisted.

Five rotten movies by Owen gleiberman

1. The adventures of dorit

2. Father’s last wish

3. I want to end this

4. European singing contest: Legend of fire

5. Guest of honor

Peter debruge’s five bad movies

1. The smeared bird

2. Gangster and my 365 days

3. The adventures of Artemis

4. The road never passed

5. Capone

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