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[1]. Canada invests C $185 million in agricultural solutions to climate change

Canada’s Department of agriculture, agriculture and food announced that it will invest C $185 million in the next decade for the new agricultural climate change solutions (ACS). The plan will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will be launched on April 1, providing 100000 Canadian dollars for each project to support the provinces to propose the regional cooperation center, namely “Living Labs”. Each regional cooperation center will take farms as the center, farmers and researchers will carry out collaborative innovation, and take measures such as planting cover crops, permanent marginal land cover, shelterbelt, nutrient management, intercropping, and bean rotation to improve soil fertility, store carbon and protect the environment. The second phase will be launched this autumn, with a maximum funding of C $10 million per project. ACS program is one of the important initiatives to promote the environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector. It is a part of the C $4 billion natural climate solutions Fund (2021-2031) jointly managed by the Canadian Department of agriculture, agriculture and food, Department of natural resources and Department of environment and climate change. Among them, the “life lab” project has been carried out in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, which is a model project of innovation and cooperation of the G20.

[2]. Malaysia’s central bank has no plan to issue central bank digital currency

The National Bank of Malaysia (BNM) said it had no plans to issue the central bank’s digital currency. The bank said in its 2020 annual report that the existing monetary and financial policy instruments are still effective in maintaining monetary and financial stability. Domestic payment systems, including real-time retail payment platform (RPP), will continue to operate to support economic demand. Most of the current situation of digital assets do not have the universal characteristics of currency, can not well store the value and trade. BNM will actively monitor the trend of key indicators and assess the risks and policies related to CBDC.

[3]. Pensionbee, a financial technology platform, plans to land on the London Stock Exchange this month

On March 31, 2021, the British financial technology platform, pensionbee, announced that it would land in the high growth segment of the London Stock Exchange in April, and planned to raise 55 million pounds. Established in 2014, pesonbee mainly provides online pension investment management services. Currently, there are about 130000 active users of pesonbee, and the asset management scale exceeds 150 million pounds. Previously, just east, a delivery platform, was listed in the high growth sector of the London Stock Exchange.

[4]. Striim, a data service maker, won $50 million in round C financing, led by Goldman Sachs

On March 31, 2021, striim, a financial technology platform, announced the acquisition of US $50 million in round C financing. The financing was led by Goldman Sachs growth equity, and participated by summit partners, Atlantic bridge ventures, Dell ventures and Bosch ventures. Headquartered in Palo Alto, striim mainly provides enterprise class streaming data integration solutions to help user organizations move data to the cloud in real time.

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