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[1]. Korea stock exchange reduces the listing threshold of Unicorn Enterprises

On March 31, 2021, Sohn Byung Doo, chairman and CEO of Korea Exchange (KRX), said at a news conference that in the future, Korea Exchange will appropriately lower the threshold to attract more Unicorn companies to list. Sohn said local Unicorn companies with a market value of 1 trillion won (about $800 million) could be listed directly on the Kospi market without other requirements. For start-ups with a market value of less than 1 trillion won, the minimum market value requirement for listing will be reduced from 600 billion won to 500 billion won. In addition, Sohn also pointed out that enterprises will be encouraged to pay more attention to the application of ESG concept in operation management in the future.

[2]. National University of Singapore launches first master and doctoral program in financial technology

On April 1, 2021, the National University of Singapore (NUS) announced the launch of two financial technology related postgraduate programs in the new academic year to help Singapore build a digital financial innovation talent system. It is reported that the digital financial science and Technology Master of science program lasts for one and a half years and is expected to recruit 40 to 50 students, mainly cultivating technical talents such as artificial intelligence software developers, data scientists, financial technology security experts and financial quantitative analysts. While the digital finance technology doctoral program is mainly for students majoring in finance, computer science and engineering, which is the first and only doctoral program in this field in Singapore. Both projects belong to the Asian Digital Finance Institute (AIDF) of the National University of Singapore. The deadline for application is April 15, 2021.

[3]. Indian AI speech recognition company unifore completes $140 million round D financing

Recently, India’s AI speech recognition company, unifore, has completed a $140 million D round of financing. According to tech in Asia, Sorenson Capital Partners is the leading investor in this round of financing. The financing will be used to develop the company’s artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning technology. At the beginning of this year, uniphone acquired emotion research labs, an AI face recognition company, and focused its research on video AI technology. At the same time, it entered the field of robot technology security.

[4]. Cora, a financial technology service platform for small and medium sized enterprises in Brazil, received US $26.7 million in financing

On April 5, 2021, Cora, a Brazilian financial technology platform, announced that it had received US $26.7 million in financing. This financing is led by rabbit capital and participated by kaszek ventures, QED investors and greenoaks capital. Cora was established in Brazil in 2019 to provide convenient and efficient financial services for SMEs. After the completion of this financing, Cora’s cumulative financing amount has reached $36.7 million.

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