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[1]. Ual á, Argentina’s financial technology company, is about to acquire wilobank, the country’s first digital bank

According to labs, ual á, an Argentine financial technology company, is about to acquire wilobank, Argentina’s first digital bank. At present, the acquisition is still waiting for the approval of the Central Bank of Argentina. The purpose of the acquisition is to help ual á expand its business to places such as Armenia, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Italy and Peru. Ual á is a comprehensive financial technology company.

[2]. Bis: redefining insurance regulation under the new normal

On April 9, 2021, the Institute of financial stability of the bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Secretariat of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) jointly released a briefing on redefining insurance supervision for the new normal. The report points out that the outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalization process of the insurance business value chain, and the task of network security and consumer protection has become increasingly arduous. Regulators should strengthen the digital reform of the regulatory process, cultivate the necessary digital skills of regulators, work closely with insurance institutions, and cope with the new regulatory challenges in the post epidemic era by combining on-site supervision with remote supervision.

[3]. US Commodity Futures Trading Commission establishes new climate risk department

On March 17, 2021, rostin Behnam, acting chairman of CFTC, announced the establishment of climate risk unit (CRU). It is reported that the main task of this new Department is to focus on the derivatives market, understand and solve climate related risks, and promote the transformation of low-carbon economy. Over the past few years, Behnam has been leading the CFTC in its active climate efforts. For example, he led the establishment of the climate related market risk group under the market risk advisory committee, and released the special report on managing climate risk in the US financial market in September 2020.

[4]. List of 10 start ups selected for this year’s New York financial technology innovation laboratory program

In 2010, New York City Investment Fund and Accenture jointly launched the financial technology innovation laboratory program. The 12 week project focuses on early to growing startups. On April 7, 2021, the plan announced the latest list of selected enterprises, which are cinchy (Toronto), covergo (Hong Kong / Singapore), Delio (Cardiff), quarrio (Berkeley), rightfoot (San Francisco), safekeep (New York), spin Analytics (London / New York), the climate Service (Durham, North Carolina), util (London), vesttoo (Tel Aviv). It is reported that a total of 200 institutions have submitted applications this time, focusing on coping with climate risk, sustainable operation and other social and economic development challenges through financial solutions, mainly using artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced data analysis and other technologies.

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